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Startup Shoprocket – Add Full eCommerce To Your Website In 5 Minutes

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Shoprocket is a SaaS e-commerce startup that offers an enterprise scale solution, integrating seamlessly into any existing application, all with a single line of code. Below is our interview with Nicole Hardy from Shoprocket team:

nicole-hardyQ: Could you tell us Shoprocket startup story?

A: As tech experts, we found that e-commerce wasn’t working. 80% of established businesses are not selling online as they don’t have the knowledge on how to use tech. This means so many companies are missing out selling online because they don’t have the know-how. This is why we believe the current e-commerce industry is only the tip of the iceberg. We built the solution to this problem by rethinking the entire buying process.

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Q: Tell us something more about Shoprocket main features?

A: We wanted to make sure that we created a product which is as user-friendly as possible. We did this by ensuring that there are no downloads, installations or server requirements. We also have no fees when it comes to starting up, monthly or IT expenses. The only thing we ask for is a 2% commission on each transaction meaning we only earn if our clients are earning. We also make sure there are no contractual obligations so if a client feels that Shoprocket isn’t for them (which is highly unlikely), they can stop using our product at any time. This is what we call fair commerce.

One of our most unique features is our ability to install the code within minutes onto a client’s website. This means companies who have never set up online shopping before don’t have to spend the usual 6 to 8 weeks developing from scratch and avoids the large upfront costs and maintenance they would be facing without us.

We provide a full e-commerce dashboard for our client so that they can track their orders and update product descriptions and images. This ensures that every website stays unique and we ensure they can personalise their website for their own image.

We also realised that people are more and more using tablets and mobiles to shop online. So our product automatically adjusts itself so that customers can continue to order on the move.

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Q: How does it work? Tell us something about technology behind Shoprocket?

A: Shoprocket is a cloud-based service that manages all of a website’s e-commerce with a single line of code. That line of code is a link to our API which then feeds all of the client’s products, payment gateway, and complete checkout process into their website. We enable businesses to sell their own products on their own website so customers never have to leave the client’s website again.

In terms of security, we use Stripe and Paypal to handle all our payments, which provides our clients with maximum security.


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Q: What is Shoprocket developer program?

A: We, as developers, value other developers. We found that there was a need to build a community. We wanted to reward our community by sharing news, updates and features with them. We therefore decided to host regular meet ups with our community over pizza and beers where we can talk about Shoprocket, development and e-commerce so that we can continue to improve Shoprocket to benefit our community as much as possible.

As part of our dedication to developers, we also want to reward developers financially with a revenue share scheme. We will do this by sharing our commission with the developers who put their clients on Shoprocket.


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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Shoprocket’s success stories are piling high, with organic signup growth of 70% month on month.

Our plan for the future is to continue improving our product whilst still ensuring that all updates offered are free of charge. Our main aim is to expand to businesses globally by proving that e-commerce is not a long, expensive process and can be used by everyone. We want to promote our vision of fair commerce to businesses globally.

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