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StartUp Twisper – Ultimate Source Of Travel And Lifestyle Recommendations!

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Berlin based startup Twisper helps you to plan your perfect trip. Interview below is with Ulrike Otto from Twisper team.


Q: How would you describe Twisper brand and community?

A: Twisper is the most reliable travel source showcasing the world’s favorite locations. It opens the door to remarkable local discoveries. From high-end restaurants to boutique hotels, cool bars and nightclubs, Twisper offers a superior selection of personalized and authentic recommendations for modest, moderate, and luxury budgets. So whether you’re looking for a new place to dine in your hometown or have just landed in a new city and are ready to explore, Twisper’s interactive platform can inspire you with locations full of individuality, quality and flair.

In terms of our community, Twisper users are educated, voracious, and discerning travelers drawn mostly from the hospitality and lifestyle industries, along with a few well-traveled globetrotters. Twisper unites this community and empowers them to curate and share their most memorable travel experiences.


Q: Could you tell us more about Twisper Ambassadors?
Twisper Ambassadors are an exclusive, handpicked network of globally connected individuals. They are lifestyle enthusiasts and passionate about traveling. They are an online and offline community driven by the desire to find, experience and share the world’s favorite locations.

Ambassadors provide Twisper with key travel insights, trustworthy insider tips, up-to-date, desirable location recommendations and inspiring Twisper Guides. They are experts in their respective regions and industries and are a trusted source of inspiration for the community.

Q: What is the Twisperer?
The Twisperer is our beloved travel magazine, where we bring to life the world’s favorite locations on another channel. We also present a selection of our guides and reviews there, as well as interviews with travel experts or our Twisper Ambassadors.

Q: How big is the Twisper team?
Currently 15 people work at Twisper.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
Twisper plans to be the most recognizable and widely used reliable network for the world’s favorite locations, for premium activities and for exciting events. From April on we’ll be unveiling a few key updates that’ll mean users can directly book hotels and certain activities through Twisper as well as making it easier to see what’s around them. Then, in early summer, our Brand profiles and Premium Guides roll out and with them the amazing possibility for brands, travel experts and even destinations themselves to use Twisper to connect with fans and clients. There’ll be a few more surprises like offline availability, map view and we’ll continue to roll out to cities offering curated Twisper content. So you see, a lot will happen!

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