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Startup – The Ultimate Tool For Content Marketers

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Lee Fuller

Written by: Lee Fuller, from startup team


Did you know that 70% more online content is being created now than just one year ago? This is why there is now a huge opportunity for marketers to maximise their content marketing efforts.

The increase in the amount of content being produced means that agencies and brands are facing an increasing challenge to produce content that makes an impact in an increasingly noisy market. Gaining competitive advantage in such an important channel is crucial in 2015, so being able to inform your content marketing strategy and craft your amazing content based on data is a must! is designed to give marketers the ability to make agile decisions at a glance with pre-defined verticals, as well as having the depth of data to really get your hands dirty. You can easily find which content is performing best and also quickly verify which social network is responding the best to that content.

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At the core of is personalization. Being able to save time and set up your dashboard to prioritize the categories you are most interested in means that each time you log in is more valuable than the last. Setting your dashboard up in this way also shows you a summary of your starred categories giving you instant data.

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Another very important element to achieving success with content marketing is being able to build audiences to market your content to. We give you the ability to build your own audiences right within, which can be managed within the tool or exported, to Excel to allow you to manipulate the data as you see fit.

Influencer marketing, if done right, can be a catalyst when it comes to succeeding at content marketing. With you are able to analyze the sharing habits of influencers so you can make informed changes to maximize your chances of engagement from influencers. Pinning influencers saves them within your personal pinned page so you can cross over multiple verticals and build out a targeted list.

Building relationships with people across social media is vital to gaining engagement with your content, and building lists of sharers within has multiple benefits. You can save sharers using the same functionality as with saving influencers called “pinning”. These sharer lists can be used to pre-seed your content – this means reaching out to people that already have an interest in the subject your are building content around. This way when you push your content out there will be a much higher propensity that the people you have reached out to will engage and maybe even share your content.

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A second benefit to building lists of sharers is that they can be uploaded to Twitter and advertised directly to. This means that you can tailor the creative of your ads – we have seen this technique be amazingly targeted and most importantly very cost effective.

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The team is on a mission to become a necessity for content marketers, doubling down on personalization and giving you the ability to instantly validate ideas, or dig deep for long-term strategies.

Last Updated on January 23, 2015

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