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Startup X.AI – Virtual Email Assistant Who Schedules Meetings For You!

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The New York based artificial intelligence startup is developing artificial intelligent assistant named Amy that lets you use email to schedule meetings. team is backed with $2.1 million in seed funding from: IA Ventures, Softbank and Lerer Ventures. Below is our recent interview with Dennis Mortensen, CEO and Founder of

dennis-mortensenQ: Tell us something more about and explain how does it work?

A: is a personal assistant that lets you use email to schedule meetings. You can delegate the tedious email ping pong that comes along with scheduling a meeting. All you have to do is “CC” “” into your email thread just like you would use a human personal assistant. Amy then takes over, so you can focus on more important tasks. The service does not require you to download yet another app, sign-up for yet another account or remember yet another password! Amy simply exists in the dialogue you have with her.

Amy Ingram is artificial intelligence designed to understand natural language and she will have human-like email dialogues with your guests to help schedule your meetings. She is able to learn your personal scheduling preferences, so that date, time and location are being negotiated on your terms. You can mentor Amy by simply emailing her your favorite coffee shop, conference bridge, Skype ID or you don’t do meetings on Wednesdays and she’ll remember it. Here you can find an example of how Amy schedules your meetings.

Q: What is your main goal at the moment?

A: Our goal is making our customers happy! Secondary to that, and as we ramp up, we are eager to schedule as many meetings as possible for our executives, so we can train our AI system.


Q: How did you meet Co-Founders? How big is your team?

A: We’ve started a Predictive Analytics company called Visual Revenue back in 2010, which was acquired by Outbrain last year. After integration, we brought the band back together. has become a team of 12 and quickly growing. We’re actively looking for smart, dedicated, data scientists, backend engineers and good artificial intelligence enthusiasts to join our team.

Q: Where are you based?

A: Our Headquarter is located Downtown Manhattan, New York. So it is fair to say that Amy is a New Yorker!

Q: How are you funded?

A: We are very pleased with our $2.1M seed round earlier this year and the tier 1 investors who participated; IA Ventures, Softbank Capital and Lerer Ventures. All investors who backed us in prior ventures.

Q: How do you see future of What are your plans?

A: At success, we change the meeting scheduling paradigm and become arbiters of time! Ambitious wording until you realize that Amy gets smarter and faster for every new person who joins the Network.

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