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Status Labs vs. Profile Defenders: A Look At The Top Two Reputation Management Companies

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Written by Profile Defenders:

Surviving in the reputation management industry means having an excellent reputation as a business. Two highly-rated options for businesses and professionals are Profile Defenders and Status Labs. As one might expect, there are a lot of similarities, but a few differences that make people gravitate towards one over the other depending on their preferences and reputation needs.

Is there a definitive answer between them? The short answer is that for the vast majority of people no, both companies are seen as powerhouses in the industry with Profile Defenders having a softer touch and boutique feel with offices in Washington DC, South Florida, and in the Mormon territory of Utah. Status Labs has a presence in Austin, Texas & New York City. That does not mean that Status Labs or Profile Defenders is a bad choice as you will have a very high probability of success. In fact Profile Defenders had a 100% success rate in 2015 resolving every clients issues that year. They strive to provide a more affordable and well-rounded solution where Status Labs has helped top tier financiers according to a WSJ piece that unfairly attacked them.

Here is a more in-depth breakdown of the two services:

The cost of quality online reputation management is not cheap and if you want to fix your image you should not skimp on the matter.

Just about every business would love to have a flawless reputation online, but it does come with a price tag. Both of these companies charge more than average digital marketing agencies, but their results speak for themselves. Profile Defenders offers clients three base detailed package plans for any individual or business needs and a data privacy removal program. From those needing just a little bit of help to a more customized solution, potential customers can get all the information they need without ever having to leave the website.

Status Labs is a little vaguer at least up front they are on how much they charge clients. Instead of listing the rates, an interested person must reach out to them to receive a quote. Not only does this turn off some clients who wish for privacy but the process in some ways, is a way to ensure the clients are getting something suited to their needs. Due to this it generally becomes a more expensive project working with Status Labs compared to Profile Defenders according to client reviews.

Services For Fixing Your Reputation

Both companies offer white hat reputation management services. This means they create content and promote it to lower the negatives but aren’t engaging in illegal black hat tactics to deliver results.
Digital marketing and general public relations services like helping with announcements is also a common service that clients request. Even though both have their specific strategies and techniques to help out customers, they use fairly similar tactics to show rapid results that last.

For a company‘s reputation to change for the better, quality content needs to push to the top of search results while suppressing the negatives. The majority of time is spent crafting that first page, and both companies have received great reviews online for doing precisely that.

The only major difference between the two companies is that Profile Defenders uses different methods that help delete content from the interne through their direct removal network. This comes in handy if a business is dealing with a false claim that can be proven wrong. Instead of trying to bury that information, having it deleted completely means that it will never cause problems again. The other great service is the Google Autocomplete where they can remove words like Lawsuit, Complaints, or Scam from appearing.

Updates That Clients Want to See

The majority of clients want to have updates during a project to understand how everything is progressing. Standard procedure is to provide monthly updates, but any client can request more frequent updates as well.

When comparing Profile Defenders vs Status Labs both offer very professional reports and monthly updates to their cleints. It is hard to pick one or the other, but it seems like whether you use Status Labs or use Profile Defenders they both provide flexibility in getting updates when a person or client wants. Not only can a person receive emails, but they have the opportunity to talk to a representative to have anything cleared up. It makes sense for clients to be hands-on in crafty how they appear online.


It is hard to decide between Profile Defenders and Status Labs when looking at some of the positive press they have received. Both United States-based companies have been featured in some of the top publications in the world, including Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, The Observer, Entrepreneur Magazine, LA Times, the New York Times, and many more. This showcases their ability to obtain big features for an industry that many journalists deem as shady and don’t want to support.

They also have high-end clients who have found success in working with their company. Many remain anonymous when it comes to using online reputation management companies, but they do have authentic reviews from those who have seen their business turn around thanks to the services offered.
Businesses can’t go wrong between Profile Defenders and Status Labs. Most are probably paying a little bit more of a premium with Status Labs as they run ads to receive their clients and Profile Defenders is all referral based.

It is also beneficial to know that in some situations; Profile Defenders can get negative results completely eliminated with a guaranteed removal. It is a hassle to stay on top of a company‘s reputation online, but with professionals helping out, there is much less to worry about overall.

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