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Storyblok Provides Developers With All The Flexibility They Need To Build Reliable And Fast Websites

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Storyblok is a Headless Content Management System that provides developers with all the flexibility they need to build reliable and fast websites whilst giving content creators with no coding skills the ability to edit content independently of the developer. Thanks to the headless approach your content can not only be used for one website, which is the case if you use a monolithic CMS like WordPress. Storyblok empowers you to use your content on iOS and Android apps, as well as any other platform of choice (IoT, smartwatch, AR/VR) through Application Programming Interfaces (“APIs”).

Below is our recent interview with Dominik Angerer, CEO of Storyblok:

Q: What’s the problem you’re aiming to solve? How exactly does your solution work?

A: We enable content creators to see live-updates while they are making changes to their content on our platform. Not only that, we enable them to interact with the preview and access their content much faster through that visual composer of ours. Additionally, Storyblok ships with a component-based approach to content management enabling authors to build highly customized sites and layouts. Authors can add unique sections to their content if they need them without the need of a front-end developer. For developers we would recommend to try, since it is free to start with (no time restriction).

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Q: You’ve recently raised $2.5m in Seed round; could you tell us something more?

A: That’s correct. We were looking into different VCs that can help us with our goals. Since Storyblok was bootstrapped as cash flow positive ever since we’ve founded it in 2017 we wanted to find the best possible partner to move forward. With capital300 and FoundersFactory we can now focus on our growth and extend our product faster.

Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: Storyblok ships with basically any feature you are looking forward to have in an enterprise ready CMS, including workflow management, staging, releases, version controls, assignments and collaboration. The best thing about all that is that you’re able to install those functionalities through our app store depending on your needs, so you won’t be overwhelmed with the amount of features that are already there. The visual composer is by far one of my most loved features, as it allows content authors to navigate through large amounts of content by just browsing the final result.

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Q: What are the company’s plans and goals for the future?

A: We’re looking forward to hire developer experience, customer success, UI/UX designer, and integration developers all around the world. We’ve already build an amazing community around our product, that contribute and help us extend the functionality of Storyblok even further. So we’re going to open up our system as much as possible to allow other developers to extend where they need to.

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