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Strides – The Easiest Way To Track All Your Goals And Habits In One Place!

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With Strides, you can literally track every goal and habit you can think of. It has a beautiful interface with many options for tracking goals. With more than 300 popular trackers (Weight Tracker, Budget Tracker, Profit Tracker, Quit Smoking, Get Up Earlier, etc.) it is the easiest way to track all your goals and habits in one place.

Kyle Richey, Founder & CEO of Strides, talks with us about his startup:

Kyle-Richey-Strides-appQ: Kyle, how would you describe biggest benefits of using Strides?

A: The biggest benefits of using Strides are that it:
– helps you stay organized and in control of what matters to you,
– makes it easy to tell if you’re on track
– gives you triggers and simple feedback to keep you motivated as you make progress toward your goals.

Q: How long have you been working on Strides and where did the idea come from?

A: I first thought of the idea for a super flexible goal and habit tracker in 2011, because I wanted to be able to track anything and everything that mattered to me. Everything I could find was too limited, likely because it’s extremely difficult to build something so flexible while keeping it simple and fun to use.

Q: Are you looking for partnership opportunities or VC funding?

A: We are not currently looking for funding, though we’re definitely open to partnerships, especially with integrating APIs from other services, a big focus for us once we release our Web app.


Q: What is your main goal at the moment?

A: Our biggest goal right now is to launch the iPad & Web apps in August so users can backup and sync their data across all their devices.

Q: What we can expect from you in the future? What are your plans?

A: After the Web app is released, we have big plans for accountability, collaboration, integrations, and more features to help our users be more productive.

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