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Success Empowerment Strategies Helps Leaders Leverage Their Unique Value

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Below is our recent interview with Jenny Rodgers, Founding Partner at Success Empowerment Strategies:

Damon Mintz

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Success Empowerment Strategies?

A: Success Empowerment was founded to help leaders – both Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs – leverage their unique value by aligning their purpose & strategy to more effectively influence those around them. For Entrepreneurs, we support the growth of their vision and their business by offering coaching programs unique to their goals. For Intrapreneurs, we help them navigate their corporate environments and the stresses of influencing multiple stakeholders & managing multiple priorities so they can grow their careers.

Q: Why is understanding your Purpose important in Leadership & Management?

A: When you are clear on your purpose and your WHY it provides the guiding principals you need when making decisions, solving problems and prioritizing your actions. Being aligned with the reason you do the work you do enables you to share your highest value. Also, knowing your purpose enables you to gain clarity on the type of partnerships and relationship that you want to build in order to advance your impact. Without clarity of purpose, you can be easily influenced by other agendas, which can distract you from your goals – which is why we often feel that we are very busy but not feeling we are achieving our goals and making the contribution we desire to make.

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Q: What components are required for an successful Leadership Strategy?

A: We believe that a successful leadership strategy combines clarity of purpose, alignment of actions with the outcomes you want to achieve and the best style of communication. Additionally, the effective ability to influence those around you and the ability to successfully navigate problems are all critical components of a successful leadership strategy. Leadership is not one key thing alone – rather, it is the ability to share a vision, inspire those around you to collaborate & commit to improvement, hold people accountable for results and withstand roadblocks.

Q: How can business leaders be more effective in Influencing their teams?

A: We believe Influence starts with 2 key things: Sharing your vision and inspiring people to engage with that vision. In order to inspire people to engage with a common vision or goal, an effective leader understands the audience – what motivates them, what is important to them and how to connect those motivating factors to the vision they are sharing.

Q: What is the connection between better leadership skills and improving your business’ bottom line?

A: Almost nothing in business can be achieved alone. Leaders cannot serve their stakeholders or their clients without having a good team around them; leaders cannot grow their business without delegating responsibilities to others; leaders cannot do everything perfectly and therefore need to engage with experts to support them. We all want to continue to get better, to grow and improve. A businesses will not grow and improve without a leader who can effectively manage a team to share the responsibility of that growth and improvement. Effective leaders will advance the team’s collective contributions – which results in advancing the business’ impact, profits and bottom line.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are continually striving to grow our impact by helping more leaders increase their abilities to achieve the goals they have set and to define Success on their own terms.

On April 27th we are hosting For The Love of Leadership: A day with Inspiring Business Leaders sharing Practical Strategies to Broaden Your Influence & Community to Achieve Your Goals.

We will also soon be announcing the launch of a special leadership bootcamp designed for Creative Entrepreneurs.

Additionally, we continue to work within our communities to give talks and engage in important discussions about advancing a diverse group of leaders.

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