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SunDoc Filings – Nationwide Filing & Retrieval Made Simple

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Many business owners hate paperwork, especially entrepreneurs and startups. But to be in business, and to be registered with a state, there are basic filings that must be made, both to get started in forming a business entity and to continue each year. These filings are crucial so that companies stay in good standing with the state or states they’re registered in. If they don’t, this can affect their liability protections, and complicate their finances.

SunDoc Filings provides the service of making those public-record filings on behalf of companies. Based in Sacramento, California, the company makes sure reports are filed when they’re due, performs name searches, and retrieves certifications and other records from state offices in all the 50 states.

Below is our interview with Stan Huser, President of SunDoc Filings:


Q: Tom, tell us something more about the company and your history?

A: I’ve been involved in the records industry since 1979. I’ve built two other service companies, and sold them to the big national leaders. I truly can say I’ve helped to pioneer the filing service industry, and it’s been satisfying.

I learned firsthand about starting my own business, and handling the paperwork. In 1999 I started SunDoc Filings on the business model I thought was the most effective, and so it has proved. We have now filed over 50,000 business and new business-entity documents for our clients. We handle a lot of work from law and accounting firms, but we have a special welcome for new business owners – startups and entrepreneurs.

Our structure has scaled up rapidly with the Web, as we now reach business owners at all hours and across the whole nation. We’ve built a network across the country to handle this capacity. My son, who grew up in the world of paperwork, has now joined us in a sales and marketing capacity, and he’ll become a future leader of the company.

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Q: What makes SunDoc Filings a good choice?

A: Experience and great customer service. Several of our key customer service representatives have over 10 years of experience. They can spot errors and sort through tangles instantly.

Customer service means you can pick up the phone and we can advise you immediately and handle your requirements. We do try to make this unnecessary by providing clear information and smooth procedures through our website, but during business hours, we’re extremely responsive.

We have long experience, and we’ve built a completely dependable network of associates across the country. We know how each state system works, and what things cost and how long they take. We can give people the right answer the first time, and perform as we estimated.

Q: Why motivates customers to stay with the company?

A: When busy entrepreneurs and business owners first try our filing service, they typically want to stay with it. It’s an affordable service, and it takes care of filings and record retrievals that are routine, but very important. These are far too easy to let slip through the cracks if you try to handle them yourself. The cost of missing a filing is just not worth it. We do the remembering for our clients, so they don’t have to spend their own time and resources on it.

And we have a service ethic that I believe in strongly when it comes to repeat customers – we try to win them each time as they were first-timers. Taking people for granted is a business error, so we challenge ourselves not to do that. As long as we keep on giving responsive customer service and quick results at a fair price, there’s no reason for businesses to look elsewhere.

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Q: What can we expect from you in next six months?

A: We’ll continue to work on our web site to provide a better customer experience. Our web site is very important to us and our clients. The challenge is to provide the same level of customer service online as we do through a phone call. We handle a lot of professional offices during business hours but many of our business owners can only deal with paperwork outside of those hours.

We’re trying to provide the basic knowledge to help entrepreneurs and startups know what’s required of them, and then to give them a smooth ordering experience to execute their filings. Anyone should be able to come to our web site, day or night, and have us take care of their paperwork for them. For us, this is a matter of continually improving, listening to client feedback, and emulating our in-person customer service, online.

Q: What’s the best thing about SunDoc Filings that people might not know about?

A: We have a huge competitive advantage being located in Sacramento, close to the Secretary of State. For many people, very often time is of the essence. We chose our offices deliberately so we could make three runs per day to the state offices. So we built a reputation for the most prompt turnaround times. We’ve extended this care across the country as we’ve grown.

One thing I’ve learned in this world of paper and digital records is that people are still the most crucial link in business. Sometimes a few words over the phone can settle huge concerns for a business owner. Similarly, showing up daily at the state office and having friendly relations with everyone we deal with helps to keep the flow of business on an even keel. And that’s what we all want.

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