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SupportNinja – Customer Care And Backend Office Support For Entrepreneurs Around The Globe

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Cody McLain

Written by: Cody McLain, Founder of Ninja Partners

It seems everybody is trying to launch the next and the greatest startup nowadays. With a generation that is becoming increasingly more knowledgeable in the area of Business and Tech there exist an infinite number of possibilities in the realm of what is possible. However for every new company another 5 companies cease to exist. In fact entrepreneurship is at its lowest levels in nearly 2 decades. This is despite the rising growth of internet users and the ability to collaborate with anybody, anywhere at anytime.

Growing a company is a tremendous challenge today and having the right help is no easier task. I started my first company when I was just 15, and since then I’ve gone on to create a multitude of independent companies providing services to thousands of customers in over 100 countries around the world. Surely I haven’t been nearly as successful as a few other giants out there, but I worked my butt off and went through the highs and the lows. A part of that process was finding the right team, the right people who could sufficiently run my business.

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In many ways, finding the right people is a huge handicap for any new entrepreneur. Furthermore, many still fail to see the benefit of having a virtual assistant or support team who can give them back a tremendous amount of time back in their day. This is where SupportNinja comes into play.

SupportNinja – Customer Care And Backend Office

I established SupportNinja to solve the problems created by new and emerging businesses on their fast track to growth. Many might argue that outsourcing steals jobs from others in the US but I’d argue it gives US companies an economic advantage to grow their companies in an increasingly competitive marketplace; where margins seem to get smaller and smaller every year.

Why use SupportNinja

After a decade of running service-based companies I’ve been through it all and have taken my own experiences, downfalls and successes into a collection of systems and processes SupportNinja uses to find, hire and provide the right support staff and backend office support for entrepreneurs around the globe.

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