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Surveypal CEO Shares His Startup Experience And Vision For The Future

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San Francisco based Surveypal helps you create better surveys. Surveypal is a enterprise-class feedback management and survey software as an online service. Founder and CEO of Surveypal, Samuli Zetterberg shares his experience and vision for the future:

Samuli-Zetterberg-photoQ: In terms of what you’ve learned from building Surveypal, what advice would you give to future entrepreneurs?

A: I would say that having your focus on a responsive customer service is even more important than focusing on advertising or getting new customers. If your early adopters trust you and you take time to handle the complaints, they won’t quit using your product and they also help you to get new customers. So don’t be afraid if you have some bugs in the first product release – it’s more important to get the product out than wait too long. Customers will leave you only if it seems that you don’t care. If customers have something they see value in and love, they will not only be loyal, they will be your greatest marketing resource and refer you. It’s much more effective than a paid advertisement.

Q: What do you wish you’d have known 5 years ago that you know now?

A: What I’ve learned is the world is much smaller than you might think. Think global in the first place and expand to new markets faster with the help of social media. I wish I’ve started using all the social media platforms a long time ago. I’m glad we’re finally here in the U.S. and the feedback and support we’ve gotten from all over the world has been overwhelming. I know so many great products that never get the opportunity to be seen by the audiences they deserve.

Q: What do you find most interesting and rewarding in terms of running Surveypal?

A: It’s rewarding to know that we can actually have a positive impact on many people’s lives in terms of employee well-being or delivering better customer service. It’s great to think that the reason our team wakes up every morning is to put a smile on someone’s face or otherwise improve someone’s quality of life.

Q: What we can expect from Surveypal in the future? What are your plans?

A: We’re now running Surveypal in the invitation-only mode in the U.S. but we’re opening the platform very soon for everyone. I will be also publishing a book called Feedback Automation in the next few months. So if you’re interested in learning how to improve the customer experience connect with me on Twitter and I’ll keep you posted on our next steps.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Surveypal in one sentence?

A: Surveypal’s feedback automation software is mobile-ready, responsive and entertaining, resulting in higher customer engagement levels and better quality input from your customers that is actionable and integrates with your existing customer workflows.

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