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SwissSource Develops And Manufactures A New Type Of Ionization Sources For Mass Spectrometry Market

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Below is our recent interview with Elena Tobolkina, the Founder and CEO at SwissSource:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to SwissSource?

A: SwissSource is a start-up company located in Lausanne, Switzerland. SwissSource develops manufactures and sells a new type of ionization sources for mass spectrometry market. Our product is an add-on device installed in front of the sensing head of the mass spectrometer. Our solution helps customers from laboratories and research centres that are using mass spectrometry technique, to analyse any type of samples in milliseconds with minimal sample preparation time from any type of surfaces.

Ionisation source is providing faster, more efficient and accurate solutions across various fields, such as pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, research institutes, hospitals, food companies and even for governmental purposes.

Q: Can you tell us something more about your technology? How does it work?

A: SwissSource is an owner of unique contactless “electrostatic spray ionisation” method (ESTASI). Due to its exceptional technology and design, ion source can be directly coupled with other analytical techniques. SwissSource ionisation source is ideally suited for a huge variety of different applications because of its convenient connection “plug & play”.

Below you will find several validated application where SwissSource ion source was already tested:
– Electrostatic spray ionization-Imaging
– direct spray from polyacrylamide gels, papers/cartons, plastic, tissue, skin, different compartments, microchips
– direct quantitative analysis from 64, 92 and 324 well plates
– sample detection and imaging from thin layer chromatography (TLC) plates
– fast quality control analysis of food, beverages, drugs, perfume/cream products, counterfeits, any type of biological matrices
– online ionization of cell cultures and bacteria’s straight from petri dishes.

Imagine how many other applications will be possible by using our SwissSource solution.

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Q: What makes your solution unique?

A: Our technology eliminates time-consuming sample preparation time, runs multiple analysis in less than milliseconds, requires only few nanoliters of the material, increases sample sensitivity, and reduces solvent consumption. The SwissSource ion source can simultaneously detect positive and negative species (no analogues on the market) and our solution can be direct coupled with other analytical technologies. The combination of all that benefits are making our product unique.

Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like SwissSource?

A: We are living in the era, when the time for analysis is restricted, analytical equipment’s are too costly, prices of analytical tests and maintenance are huge and need to be reduced, as well as consumption of solvents and volumes for the analysis. For these reasons, I believe that the SwissSource ionization source is a perfect fit for R&D centers, analytical laboratories and research centers that are using mass spectrometers.

Q: What can we expect from SwissSource in the future?

A: SwissSource will continue growing and extend the team. We are currently in the midst of enhancing our product by developing new applications together with Swiss partners. We are interested in searching for international partners that will be interested in generating common collaboration.

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