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SyncDog Delivers Defense-Grade Mobile App Workspace With Focus On End-User Experience

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SyncDog is at the leading edge of innovation in enterprise mobility. Their team has been built for agility and lean development practices in order to respond to market and customer requirements more rapidly than the enterprise-sized software vendors. They’ve discovered that lightweight solutions like SentinelSecure™ offer higher flexibility and scalability relative to their customers’ needs without sacrificing end-user experience or robust security.

Below is our interview with Jonas Gyllensvaan, CEO & Founder of SyncDog:


Q: You’ve recently released version 3.0 of your SentinelSecure™ defense-grade mobile application workspace; what are the main enhancements?

A: For over a decade, mobile employees have been working with one hand tied behind their back. Heavy restrictions on mobile workflows due to security concerns stifle easy and effective collaboration with the corporate office, with peers, with partners, and with customers. SentinelSecure™ provides employees working remotely highly-functional business apps for collaboration and productivity within a secure workspace, while protecting the enterprise network from mobile endpoint cyber-threats. These business apps are all familiar to you: SharePoint, Enterprise Chat, Geo-location Services, DropBox, a Personal Information Management (PIM) suite, Office Suite, Office 365, File Sync, and Secure Mobile App Management & Development functions.

This new release of SentinelSecure™, v. 3.0, is designed to protect enterprise networks and databases from rising instances of cyber threats targeting unsecured mobile endpoints and applications, while reinforcing existing enterprise security policies for mobile malware and containerized protection from malicious networks. The new release also includes a built-in wizard to simplify migration from competing containerized solutions, with a new managed cloud services model available through its new product website Secure.Systems. At its root, SentinelSecure™ is designed to securely extend four main workflows to BYOD or CYOD (choose your own device) devices for protected enterprise mobile app collaboration so that communications, file management, Internet/Intranet access, and location-based services can operate seamlessly and securely when operating outside the company’s brick-and-mortar perimeter.

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Q: What’s the ideal company that would benefit from your solutions?

A: The ideal companies that we believe could benefit from our solutions are mid-market enterprises tasked with managing employees using BYOD or CYOD phones and tablets. In these instances, employers don’t want to reduce device functionality by installing clunky security software that hampers productivity for employees working remotely. However, there is significant risk in allowing BYOD/CYOD devices into your company’s network and mobile workflow tools, and containerized workspaces are the ideal solution for businesses needing to securely preserve flexibility and productivity for employees working abroad.

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Q: More generally, how do you see the Mobility Security landscape developing, and where do you place yourself in the industry?

A: Probably the most widespread and significant global force in the future of InfoSec is the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Starting May 25, 2018, GDPR will regulate all business or organizations handling data from any European Union “data subjects or citizens.” Due to global interconnectedness, companies must comply with the multi-faceted regulation or face hefty fines amounting up to 4% of a business’s global annual profit regardless of geolocation. These penalties are unprecedented, and it is extremely important for global companies to be prepared for GDPR’s introduction next May, especially in today’s escalating mobile threat landscape. Those who are unsure about their data security posture relative to GDPR can download our complimentary whitepaper titled “GDPR will bring the Teeth that have been Missing in Data Security Auditing and Compliance” here.

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