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Take A Sip Of Drinkle

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Drinkle is a business management tool that allows you to combine project, lead, and stock management into one useful and remarkably simple business management dashboard.

As someone who has worked in a project management and e-commerce environment, this simple interface is far less complicated than using systems such as Liquid Planner, Magento, or other similar services. The fact that Drinkle rolls this all into one handy to use interface makes it even more valuable for project and e-commerce managers.

Read on to see how Drinkle works to help you manage your business from these three standpoints.

Project Management

Drinkle’s project management suite allows you to add items to a to-do list. Once added, you can assign these tasks to coworkers and break the project into assigned sub-tasks from there. Further features include due dates, comments, and file attachment for posting mock-ups, spreadsheets, and more.

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Customer Relationship Management

You are able to easily track leads with Drinkle. Once leads are added you can add your own custom labels to attach to them ranging from failed to sold. This interface allows you to also communicate easily with your coworkers.


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Stock Management

With Drinkle you are able to add products and services and track their respective inventory counts. You can then manually adjust stock levels as you sell your products. Drinkle’s API also allows you to automate this process entirely.

Other Features

Drinkle also allows you to view coworker actions and manage permissions with a high level of customization. In addition you are able to view activity boards, store notes, and add spreadsheets for records. Dropbox integration is built-in to easily allow large attachments in messages.

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Some improvements could be found in integrating Google Docs into their upload system, allowing users to integrate their full Google Docs setup with Drinkle. Also a time management interface would greatly benefit businesses that work in an AGILE/Sprint work environment. Companies that use Drinkle should have no problem on-boarding new employees as the system is that simple. There is no doubt in my mind that after taking a sip of Drinkle, users will want a full glass of this business management dashboard.

Keith Holland

Written by: Keith Holland

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