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Talari Networks Changes The Way Companies Think About, Create And Manage Their WAN

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Talari Networks is one of the leading providers of Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions. Talari’s comprehensive solution supports a variety of network services in physical, virtual and cloud locations, which can be acquired through perpetual licensing, monthly subscription rates or as-a-service.

Below is our interview with John Dickey, Co-Founder and President of Talari Networks:


Q: What advantage does Talari Networks have over its competitors?

A: Without getting into too many technical details, we can summarize as: our solution, our service and our clients.

Our solution’s advantage is the result of a decade of innovation resulting in over 19 patents and hundreds of satisfied clients. Our SD-WAN solution provides resiliency and highest possible service levels for time sensitive mission critical network applications. Talari technology uses end to end intelligence that is holistic in its ability to adapt differing application traffic across dynamic networks and conditions. It does not matter if it is MPLS, Cable, DSL, MetroE, 3G/4G, VSAT, or any other means of transmitting WAN traffic, the Talari solution will create a trusted SD-WAN network that our clients can depend on.

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Talari’s advantage is enhanced by the outstanding talented and experienced team who provide high touch consulting and support services to our clients. Talari clients benefit from our support team’s deep tribal knowledge not only on our own areas of technology but also adjacent solutions in the ecosystem of our client’s IT systems. Our network consultants and architects are well equipped with a multimillion dollar interoperability lab that allows for testing of integrated solutions. While other SD-WAN companies are just starting to building out their professional service teams that measure their combined SD-WAN experience in single digit years, Talari’s tribal knowledge of SD-WAN is measured in decades.

Lastly, it is our hundreds of clients, in over 40 different countries, with thousands of locations, many who have been using our solution for over a half decade, that are one of our greatest advantages. They are innovators and pragmatists. They are focused on solving their industry real world problems with Talari’s solutions. They are emergency services, banks, credit unions, transit systems, lawyers, and insurance agencies. They are our neighbors and friends on main street and Wall Street. Many were using SD-WAN techniques long before the term was coined to provide the highest level of services at the most reasonable of costs. They speak well of us, and we speak well of them. If you can judge a man by the company he keeps, you should be able to judge a company by the clients they serve. In this regard, Talari is most fortunate in the competitive marketplace to have so many impressive customers.

Q: Tell us something more about the company and your history?

A: A frequently asked questions is, “Why the name Talari?” The name Talari is a reference to the wings on the sandals of the Roman god Mercury, shorted by dropping the ‘a.’ Talari is headquartered in Silicon Valley with its major development center in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. In addition to many patents on their technology, Talari has won numerous awards including two best of show awards at Interop.

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Q: Could you explain “Fail Over to a Fail-Safe Network,” what it means and why IT needs it?

A: Most networks today have to fail the users as a prerequisite for the traffic of the network to be diverted to alternative networks. This fail first for fail over is a problem generally resulting in dropped phone calls, sessions ending, and user productivity impacted. It can result in seconds or even minutes of disruptions to the client. In a time when access to bandwidth is business critical, losing the network for minutes or even seconds is demotivating to users and hurtful to the business.

Talari delivers a Fail-Safe SD-WAN. Talari’s approach is able to transition traffic away from outages prior to the users being impacted. As long as enough alternative bandwidth is available, the users continue to be productive while we manage the situation instantly, seamlessly and automatically behind the scenes. With Talari technology, phone calls don’t drop, sessions continue on, and the network self-heals.

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Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: Talari has an aggressive technology roadmap we are pursuing that adds new features for the branch office and the data center. This includes major features for security, connectivity, and service chain integration. Talari is also rapidly rolling our Unite ecosystem partnership program that will provide proven industry solutions to our clientele that they can trust.

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