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Teamo Delivers A Platform To Celebrate Work Occasions And Workplace Connections With Social And Lively Group Cards

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Below is our recent interview with Alexandra Yeo, Co-founder of Teamo:

Q: What are you developing? Way is important?

A: We are Teamo, a platform to celebrate work occasions and workplace connections with social and lively group cards.

The recent pandemic has left most of us feeling isolated. Staying connected with your team and feeling that sense of camaraderie becomes hard when Zoom calls become mostly work. Yet, we all still crave for authentic, tight-knit team culture. Teamo aims to help build a sense of camaraderie and genuine workplace connections when you celebrate another teammate with more than just a Slack message– and instead, a lively social group card with thoughtful messages.

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Q: What is your startup story?

A: Jasper and I were finishing up college when we started working on the platform. I was finishing up my final classes and I really wanted to thank my professor — he was always so on top of his Zoom lectures, and always tried his very best to make them fun. I began to rally my classmates to make a digital group card for him, but didn’t quite find a platform where I liked – one that looks fresh, and one where we can post memes and GIFs. We eventually did it over Google slides, but Teamo was borne out of a desire to make it easy for people to make lovely group cards.

Upon joining new teams, we found that building workplace connections is still essential, but remote work certainly did not make things straightforward. Initiating group cards to show appreciation of your teammates could be a really awesome way to make more authentic connections.

Q: Who would be your ideal user and why?

A: Our ideal user would be a team member who wants to make a group card for his/her teammates, or a team lead/manager who wants to bring his/her team closer with Teamo. Our current users consist of mostly the former, but we have managers who swear that they are obsessed with Teamo, as Teamo makes it so delightful to celebrate her team’s birthdays.

Q: Can you tell us something about your pricing?

A: We offer a free version of Teamo (Basic) for users to try out! Apart from the freemium version, we have 2 kinds of pricing: a one-time pricing (Teamo Pro) as well as subscription pricing. Check it out on our website.

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Q: What are your plans?

A: We plan to delight our users more by providing more media types, and to build more features to enable workplace integration and ease of sharing.

We hope Teamo will empower teams around the world to stay connected and have a blast working together even if social distancing keeps us physically apart!

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