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TechnoPilot Combines The Best Of Technology To Combat Security Threats

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Founded in 2013 TechnoPilot provides services from Network Security to Business Success Coaching. Below is our interview with Dr RK Thomas, the Founder of TechnoPilot:


Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Technopilot?

A: All along my 20 years of military service in aviation, I realised that society needs a larger social fabric to see the larger picture towards alleviating pain and poverty in humanity. Keeping this in mind, TechnoPilot® originated in 2013 with an aim to provide a large umbrella under which one can provide services of various nature from Network Security and Business Success Coaching to Healing in organisations and for individuals. This can provide any organisation – small or big, operating anywhere on the global circuit to be successful. All organisations operate to make profit and we at TechnoPilot® help them do that.

Ours is the only company in the world which provides an umbrella of services that include Top notch network security, Business success coaching as well as Energy healing services which is backboned on our trademarked Divine Grid Healing®. These are all the business essentials for any business to grow, to make profit and in brand-building.

We specialise in proactive threat protection and develop software that reacts immediately to new and emerging threats and protects users in real time. We ensure superior protection by using three methods of detection instead of one, thus enabling our products to detect and destroy threats that others miss. Built to run unnoticed in the background, our security solutions deliver ultra-fast scanning with an extremely low system footprint, which means users will never have to compromise fast performance for effective protection.

We realized early that we at Technopilot® need to embody newer frontier technology and methodology, including usage of Scalar waves, towards achieving one-of-a kind enhanced Threat Intelligence and Protection in the Cyber security domain. Cyber-attacks on international vital infrastructure persist to enhance in frequency and severity. The pillars of vital infrastructure will hence have to defend themselves from hacks, sponsored attacks, virtual terrorism, business spying and other detrimental up-and-coming threats. Archaic strategies, such as anti-viruses and firewalls are no match for the black hat hackers these days. Urbane hackers can now easily gain access to vital control systems, potentially bankrupting a business and international economy, bringing humanity to a close down. There has never been a greater need for a Proactive Defense for sprouting Cyber Threats. A project was undertaken by Technopilot® to tackle many of these challenges and the results documented. We have categorized the expectedness of attacker/defender matrix and have molded our conclusion to craft a structure for designing proactive defenses for enterprise networks.

Ours is the only company in the world which provides an umbrella of services that include Top notch network security, Business success coaching as well as Energy healing services which is backboned on our trademarked Divine Grid Healing®. These are all the business essentials for any business to grow, to make profit and in brand-building.

We are an organisation working hard with the technologies of the future, some of which are not even being researched in any university till date, and using them to herald a new future for societal advancement, improved living and social conditions. More than profit making, we would like to be known as a company that caused disruptive and cataclysmic changes in the way we now live, think and do business.Our milestones are dovetailed as a close fabric with our mission and vision. We have projects being started in major cities in India and a few in the Gulf region and USA.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of the setup and we provide our free services in the interior villages, where proper accessibility leave alone medical services are not available.

We received the ‘Health Excellence Award’ on 10 Dec 2013, awarded for “exemplifying invaluable leadership in serving the ailing society and the humanity at large” for “pioneering work in the field of Sound Healing” from a Board which has awarded eminent personalities like Noble Laureate Blessed Mother Teresa in 1995 , the Dalai Lama, Late Shri Morarji Desai, a Former Prime Minister of India, Nobel laureates Charles Townes and Prof. Amartya Sen, Dr. Robert Muller, Former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, for a similar role.

Armed with a strong military background and higher studies in Stanford University, Kent State University and IIT Delhi have boosted me as the Founder of TechnoPilot® to position the best of concepts, technology and energy medicine, to herald a new wave for the golden future of our generations.

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Q: What kind of services do you offer to your clients?

A: TechnoPilot® Tagline == “Do you need Technology Enhancement, IT Security, Business Success Coaching or Energy Healing Solutions ? We provide solutions fast !!! “

TechnoPilot® specialises in harnessing the best of frontier technology to give your Company a secure operating environment and Top Notch Network Security by not just strategic fire fighting but by using using advanced techniques like Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Nanotechnology, Quantum Physics, Visualisation & The Law of Attraction.

As a Business Success Coach, we ensure clarity in your business goals and objectives and help you to develop skills and acquire the resources needed to operate a successful enterprise. This starts with the basic Company Logo Design, which should harness energies and bring in revenue 24X7.

The image we would like to project is that of being a company working hard with the technologies of the future, some of which are not even being researched in any university till date, and using them to herald a new future for societal advancement, improved living and social conditions. More than profit making, we would like to be known as a company that caused disruptive and cataclysmic changes in the way we now live, think and do business.

Being Energy Healers, we offer individuals and employee well being, with our own trademarked modality Divine Grid Healing® and distance healing services, incorporating the real scientific laws, that can bring about a change in the success, physical and psychological health for individuals and business. Our services are the only one of its kind in the world & we provide the world over, with distance not being a barrier to us, if you are determined to transform you, your employees / friends and your Business.

Top notch network security solution from ‘TechnoPilot® ’ will help a business in reducing security threats and protect from hackers, spam, malicious websites, identity theft, and more. Like rubbing salt to the wound, the destructively innovative mind of the hacker constantly comes up with new ways of breaking open the security gates of networks & causing damage to the tune of billions of dollars & hours or days of productive time. IT Security is increasingly becoming complex for small businesses as new Internet threats appear very frequently. Small business networks face constant threats from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and spyware to zero-day attacks and much more. Hence, achieving effective network security for small business requires a solution that’s designed fulfill present day needs as well as possess the ability to adapt to tomorrow’s security threats. It is better not to take any chances with the security of the network. So, we could secure the business with TechnoPilot® ’s proven security solutions for small business. We can make the network the strongest & the fittest through TechnoPilot®’s Top Notch Network Security. Aside from protecting against such threats, the best network security for small business gives you many other business benefits as well, like providing a secure e-business foundation, enabling the business to be in compliance with industry and government regulations , give employees easy, secure access to the tools and applications they need, whether they’re in a home office, a hotel room, or at an airport departure gate and lets easily, securely grow the network.

The Benefits of Top Notch Network Security for Small Business includes providing a secure business foundation; enable the business to be in compliance with industry and government regulations; gives employees easy, secure access to the tools and applications they need, whether they’re in a home office, a hotel room, or at an airport departure gate and lets one easily, securely grow the network. Network Security for Small Business provides collaboration and productivity gains. Network security for Small Business can also promote collaboration among employees as well as with vendors, partners, suppliers, and others by providing them controlled network access; improve productivity by ensuring network up-time and by recovering quickly from security breaches; enhance customer’s experience by allowing them to access confidential information on your network applicable to them.

It is important that any Network Security for Small Business reduce the risk of litigation from loss of data or security breaches; allow the hire of talented employees, anywhere, as remote tele-workers with full, secure network access; provide worker flex-time by giving employees options for where and when they work; add new locations, branches, and offices quickly, without worrying about having to redesign the security system.

The network is as Strong as the Weakest Link. In today’s interconnected and knowledge based economy, a business’s survival depends on how quickly and securely one can respond to customer needs. Until recently, only large enterprises with hefty budgets could afford customer relationship management (CRM) solutions needed to manage the entire customer experience from first contact onward. Today, there are many CRM solutions designed specifically for the budgets and needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Network Security is like the proverbial chain. It’s only as strong as its weakest link. The network is most secure when – All policies, procedures, software and devices work together to provide a secure and adaptive system; threats are contained at every entry point of entry and the network can automatically adapt to new and changing threats.

Because we don’t want a piecemeal approach, it helps to work with trusted vendors who can provide end-to-end security from the network foundation to the remotest laptop accessing your customer data. It’s also important to work with a consultant who understands the right balance between security and usability. Creating a security solution is a lot like picking items from a menu, it all depends on the company’s needs. A consultant will begin by working with you to review the company’s needs, plans, vulnerabilities, and mission-critical assets and applications. Once the review is complete, we will present a security game plan customized for your company.

Why choose TechnoPilot® :

Ongoing investment. Continual development of our core network and platform to support delivery of the highest quality services
Breadth of solutions. Connectivity, networks, cloud, hosting, unified comms and mobile services, under a single support framework and available On-net over our core infrastructure
Independence. Our carrier-agnostic approach means we offer true choice when it comes to the technology partners we use to deliver your solutions.
Expertise. Highly qualified teams of accredited pre-sales, project management, NOC and field-based engineers on hand to provide full consultancy and support. The founder has safeguarded and instituted top notch remedial measures to the strategic networks in India which demanded the highest echelons and protocols of network security.
Service, the clients way. Everything the client needs, by phone, email or online from our nominated account management and customer service teams and TechnoPilot® Portal.
Reducing the cost and complexity of security without compromise. Today’s business reality means that one must manage more risks with fewer resources. We have to therefore cut the operational expenses, manage increasing risks, maintain compliance posture, improve service and Enable innovation. Our implementation of Security Services can help a business strategically manage risk end-to-end across all security domains and help reduce security operations costs. A framework-based security offering provide the solutions and expertise needed to confidently mitigate, monitor and manage the latest security threats and vulnerabilities, lower the costs of applying the latest security expertise, processes and technologies, lower costs of limiting internal access to and external release of, sensitive data, identify and mitigate the risks of regulatory noncompliance, lower the costs of identity and access management, mitigate the increasing risks from application-level vulnerabilities.
Information security professionals today are struggling to keep pace with increasingly sophisticated attacks against their networks, applications, and databases. Finding and fixing these vulnerabilities significantly reduces risk, but what about undiscovered or hard to fix issues? Today’s organizations need a comprehensive security solution that provides proven, real-time protection and allows them to address current threats, while preparing for the future.
Today’s organizations are bombarded with a dramatic number of security threats. And with ever-increasing amounts of users, applications and data, securing these assets against these threats has never been more difficult. Organizations need a comprehensive solution that allows them to maintain a fully secure infrastructure while addressing emerging threats. With TechnoPilot® solutions we have the latest security trends and new threats uncovered by research. Our implementation of intrusion prevention solutions will help an organization monitor and mitigate all threats and provide reduced risk of a security breach through real-time threat protection; increased levels of security, while minimizing cost and complexity and high levels of performance and availability without compromising security.
We help organizations to better manage the risk of exposing their business-critical data, while also improving business continuity and reducing overall costs. Implementation of network security services as a first line of defense and should be strong as possible. That’s why TechnoPilot® solutions that better protect network security.

A security solution from TechnoPilot® helps reduce costly threats by giving combined network and physical security for a more comprehensive approach that meets the needs; layered security that helps protect from hackers, spam, malicious websites, identity theft, and more; highly secure access that helps workers and visitors safely connect to the business, highly secure storage that gives the capacity to protect and back up data, video, and images.

Based on our surveys conducted from 2013-17 we have found that amongst small businesses only 22% had a network security plan. Meanwhile, over 83% are dependent on the internet for daily operations, yet almost half believe data hacks are isolated incidents that won’t have an impact on their business. It doesn’t have to be this way. The best defense against cybercrime is making hackers sweat for their spoils. According to a Verizon study of data breaches in 2011, more than 80 percent of victims were targets of opportunity–which means they did not protect their Wi-Fi systems with passwords and otherwise had poor security, if any at all. So we make the client a difficult target and keep the business secure with these six steps – encrypt data, secure hardware, lock the network, install anti-malware and anti-virus protection, educate the employees and hire security.

At TechnoPilot®, these sorts of hardened environments are what we love to work in. A job that requires us to stretch and find new attack methodologies is just what we are looking for, and we have been lucky enough find ourselves in this situation many times. Because of this we have been able to build a cost effective process for these environments to provide top notch network security that are right.

Business Success Coaching:

This is about our personal growth, the journey towards leading others and getting a global overview on trends, innovation and future business scenarios. We teach on how to harness spiritual energy towards creating business excellence at the workplace

We plant the seed into the clients business that exceptional leaders are manufacturers of success! For this transformation to be lasting, in our work, in our lives and world, we believe that change needs to happen with an understanding of our leadership authenticity. This includes the integration of our personal values and networks and global awareness. Collaboration, receptivity, empathy, intuition, resilience and sensory awareness are essentials that we will activate during “My Leadership, My Brand” to further develop the company leadership and potential. They then become an agent of influence using our circle of impact. There are good companies with well-defined processes and systems; and then there are great companies with extraordinary, motivated people who go the extra mile to provide excellent service and who are also exceptional leaders. Those leaders impart vision and energy, extract value for their businesses and inspire people to achieve productivity and excellence levels which many can only dream of.

In this we create a vision for a dream business, help clients discover their pathways to success (customized for the client), help clients develop a unique differentiating proposition, lead them to Action, create an empowering Mission Statement, ensure that the Mission Statements empower business growth, define the elements of leadership focussed on the specific business and lead them towards it, exercise the leadership, create the working key between leadership and business success, setup a business culture, create a culture that sets the tone for partnership, create a culture for business success, exercise commitments, make actions out of the commitments , delve on the power of a daily action commitment, work on problem solving, work on the power of continuous learning, guide on how to embrace problems and declare challenges, contribute value while listening and help clients to listen for what others might contribute to them. In the process the organisation transforms into a powerful business entity, a force multiplier and enabler to help them attain a vision for their dream business and derive exceptional business growth.

Our Healing modality works with mathematical and defined scientific laws. Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates. Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled. Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates. Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognised; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law. THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental. As above, so below; as below, so above. We overcome the lower laws, by applying still higher ones –and in this way only. But we cannot escape Law or rise above it entirely.

Presently we are working on frontier technology of the future in the field of quantum physics, a few projects of which are already implemented and in place. These have been hugely successful and looking to disruptively changing the phase of society to that of success, well being and positive transformation.

Q: What is distance healing and how does it work?

A: A healing that is practiced when the recipient is not physically present is known as Distance Healing and this works in a similar way to being in the presence of the healer. Distance Healing allows the recipient to benefit from the healing process even if they are unable to be present due to distance or illness.

Healers have recognised for centuries what modern astro-physicists and quantum scientists have only recently become aware of: The world as we know it is an illusion. We are all made of energy, vibrating at different pitches, designating different manifestations of life. For those people who are able to intuitively work with energy, or to learn the processes involved, healing is a matter of transferring and balancing that energy. Working not the physical form, but with pure energy means that the healer can operate outside of the normal limitations of time and space. This allows the healer to send therapy to a person or energy pattern that is physically distant from them, or not even in the world that we know. Healing energy is often termed “sub-atomic” and/or “cosmic”, but what this means essentially is that any manifestation of life energy, including the seemingly inanimate, such as rocks and plant life, through to concepts and situations that we have invested our energy into, can all benefit from healing therapy.

In Divine Grid Healing we realise that the universe is composed of interconnected structures. An alteration in one structure leads to a transformation in all structures of the world. To put it simply, the technologies of the Healers of the Divine Grids allow one to consciously work with the Spirit and Soul. The Soul, the Spirit and the Consciousness must be ready for the processes of rejuvenation of organs or they need to be trained. Dis-ease originates within the Consciousness; therefore it is doable to cure it from inside the Consciousness. Every organ, like any other entity of awareness contains individual data field, Creators Matrix, which represents the foundation of the whole of survival. Dis-ease symbolises the so called imitation matrix, which deviates from the elemental matrix of The Creator.

With Divine Grid Healing® we can govern to self-heal (currently, only 1% of our brain neurons are activated, but with this wonderful healing modality that percentage rises very rapidly), be serene and happy, always work for all-embracing harmonious development of all, momentarily change composition of food and drinks that you consume (most food is genetically modified today), purify rivers, lakes, springs and the seas with your consciousness, momentarily change all adverse situations – to just name a few of the infinite possibilities.

With our healing mechanism, we aim to make the people aware about the energy around them, which will help them grow and succeed. Hence it is attracting people around the globe. Every Soul wants to grow and be purified as similarly as to our need to explore and travel to places. Everyone wants to have a spiritual feeling of well being. Medical tourism can be very well given value by making sure that if we go to the right places, to the right people and right organisation. We can spend the rest of our lives in peace, harmony, in growth and in sync with nature. People approach us to get rid of all their blocks, issues, pain and hurdles that life has to offer.

I have a very healthy respect for Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Homeopathy as harsh chemicals which are toxic for mankind are not used. People approach organisations if they find them beneficial and that is the case when they deal with us too. Tourists, especially from European countries come in search of our healing mechanism. We believe in helping people to get out of their trauma and also to enhance the spiritual development of any human soul. This is also to do, without the need for the client to physically be present on our premises , with the help of Distance Healing which is exactly as effective as when present in person.

I have examined almost all forms of modern medicine, present biotechnology and frontier technology in great detail. At Stanford University, the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) researches world-changing solutions in biomedical, chemistry and materials as well as computing, towards making people safer, healthier, and more productive. Based on my extensive research, I have come to know that present day operational medical science has a long way to go. Modern day allopathic medicines and allopathic treatment like Chemotherapy towards treatment for the overall benefit of the mankind, is already under close watch. This is where alternate drug-free therapies like the Divine Grid Healing® step in.

Q: Who are the primary clients of Technopilot?

A: Earlier the awareness was practically negligible among people. But, now with the help of the media we are able to make people aware and TechnoPilot® also gets good word of mouth publicity. Those who have experienced our services and mode of treatment share their experience with others and thus approach us. That is how people get connected with us through networking. Besides this we always provide 24X7 accessibility for customer service and keep up and maintain excellent support and service. It is ingrained in us to treat each customer with respect and take appropriate action. A happy customer is likely to tell at least three friends about a positive experience and great customer service leads to increased sales. Best of all, we keep track of previous customer communication through tools and CRM software. The nature of the work we do is accessible at our website.

The main office is based at Kochi and we have clients from India, UAE, Kuwait, Mozambique, Germany, USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Singapore, Puerto Rico and Alaska which makes our presence and growth in those countries too.TechnoPilot® provides services all over the world and distance is no barrier when compared to the genuine intent of organisations and individuals to strive for success and well- being. Brick and Mortar offices are also being setup world over in a phased manner as per our synergised expansion plan. We have an existing clientele of over 3000 satisfied and happy clients from individuals to large businesses.

We have the best consultants in the world working for us in the niche areas of our work. The work ethos in any area of our expertise will spill of perfect harmony, professional excellence and empathy. Every person at TechnoPilot® knows and practices that it is important to give to society much more than what we take from it. Profit Making is hence not central to our business plan.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: A lot more new technologies would have come out of the testing phase of the TechnoPilot® Labs and we would be making hardware as well as embedded software inclusive of quantum components to run them. Many of our products would have found the way into peoples homes more as a basic necessity than as a luxury.

We are planning to bring more people towards exploring our healing mechanism. In the world over we can find tensions, problems, ailments and blocks. Our treatment also focuses on making the mind sharper and tension free. We are helping world society and our ultimate aim is to make them have a happy and prosperous life. The Mission of TechnoPilot® is to provide niche technology to organisations and leverage that towards improved security and profitability, with support to bring about a shift in consciousness, resulting in enhanced health and well-being. Our Vision being to strive to impact a worldwide integration of frontier Technology, Security of communication resources, the right coaching and holistic healing for all businesses. Brick and mortar offices will be setup the world over as per our synergetic expansion plan.

Presently, the cyber security marketplace is ballparked at USD 80 billion by various analysts, and is likely to grow to USD 120 billion over the next 5 years. Products (software and hardware) account for roughly 55 percent of the market, the rest being accounted for by services. Within products, the market is separated into a number of sub-segments (comprising both software and hardware) including network security, end-point security, identity and access management, and security monitoring, among others. On the services side, there are four major sub-segments, which are security consulting, managed security services (MSS), security implementation services and education and training and certification services.

Cyber security is continuously evolving and recent, high-profile breaches have brought increased global attention to the field. Through the years, we have noticed that even at clients, the board and CXOs are increasingly getting involved in understanding their organization’s risk profile and taking mitigating measures. This interest has been in the favour of CIOs and CISOs, who now have larger budgets to operate in. I anticipate that this interest will continue to grow and continue to push the industry’s growth.
Year after year, cyber-attacks continue to escalate in frequency, severity and impact. However, prevention, detection methods, cyber-security innovation and investments in cyber security are on the rise, as forward-leaning business leaders’ focus on solutions that reduce cyber-security risks and improve business performance.

As cyber risks become ever more prominent, concerns in the C-suite and boardroom, business leaders are rethinking cyber-security practices and focussing on a nexus of pioneering technologies that can decrease enterprise risks and improve performance. These technologies are yielding considerable opportunities to improve cyber-security and produce holistic, integrated safeguards against cyber-attacks.

While the number of incidents has risen significantly over the previous year, organisations in the country have ramped up investments to combat the menace. There have been explosive increase in cyber threats due to increasing usage of mobile, web usage and social media compounded by Internet of Things (IoT) which is another major factor that has invited various cyber threats at various sensors, terminals, and end devices. On the other hand increasing strictness of government regulations and evolving cyber threats are forcing organizations to focus more on cyber security. As per Forbes, the worldwide cyber security market is defined by market sizing estimates that range from $77 billion in 2015 to $170 billion by 2020.

Companies are focusing not only on Security Solutions but also on Security Services. Among the services, managed security service is rapidly gaining traction. Managed security services help clients to prepare for cyber-attacks by understanding and managing cyber exposure, enabling them to make informed investment decisions and to put necessary, cost-effective protection in place. Shortage of talented Security Professionals is one of the other major concerns by companies that also have to be tackled. Technopilot® plans to enter this global niche market with its synergistic expansion plan.

We have found that with increasing economic pressures and exponential growth in technological innovations, companies are increasingly relying on digital technologies to fulfil their innovation and value creation agendas. At the same time, based on the increasing levels of cyber-security breaches, it is clear that the trustworthiness of many established and new technologies is not yet well addressed or appreciated as a fundamental core value in the new digital economy. Consequently, companies are aggressively pursuing strategies to increase cyber-security of their existing and new digital assets. Many CIOs are faced with having to deal with both of these priorities simultaneously and find them to be frequently conflicting, and creating tensions.

Cyber Security consists of the security aspects of all entities related to computer and Internet. This includes but not limited to following areas: Cyber Crime , Cyber Insurance, Security Software, Managed Security Services, Governance Risk Compliance, Security Analytics, Application Security, Mobile Security, IOT Security, Cloud Security, Data Breach, Web Security, Open Source Security, Vulnerability Management, Financial Services, Cyber Intelligence, Education & Training , Merger & Acquisition. TechnoPilot® has strategized to provide niche services in all of the above.

Since its inception in 2013, TechnoPilot® has concentrated in providing top notch network security to businesses in India and the Gulf region. At the heart of TechnoPilot® is a core frontier research team that works 24X7 to herald the technology of the future into present day workable solutions to ensure the best possible cyber security services at a small budget.

We see opportunities in both the consumer and enterprise segment. We are focusing on strengthening our channel ecosystem and increasing our presence in India across tier 2 and tier 3 cities. By 2020 we would like to be present in all channels of distribution in order to reach out to potential customers and provide flexibility in licensing by partnering with Managed Service Providers.

In the next five years we will head on with our VISION which is “to strive to impact a worldwide integration of frontier Technology, Security of communication resources, the right coaching and holistic healing for all businesses” We would relentlessly pursue hard our MISSION which is “ to provide niche technology to organisations and leverage that towards improved security and probability, with support to bring about a shift in consciousness, resulting in health and well-being”

We at TechnoPilot® predict that in the next five years there will be no more operating systems to compromise. Operating systems would have gone away and every laptop on the market would be running an emulator that functions as a start-up program on embedded firmware. Nothing can ever be infected anymore because a few key vendors would have got together to actually use the trusted modules inside technology. There would also be no more embedded passwords in IoT devices. Following a wide-spread, multi-day Internet outage as the result of multiple botnet attacks—all originating from IoT devices—the IEEE will have developed some new standards for communications and encryption on these IoT devices, and they will have dynamically generated passwords that require physical access. Every vendor would have removed default passwords and people would be used to physically touching most devices to display the password. Also decrypted Internet traffic will make anti-virus software irrelevant. Communications providers would gain permission to begin decrypting traffic for the sole purpose of blocking attacks that do not match industry standards. This effectively will knock all non-IEEE standard devices off of the Internet and reduce the total consumption of bandwidth by over 90 percent on the Internet. This move will single-handedly makes anti-virus software irrelevant, as viruses can no longer even traverse the Internet without being blocked. The biometrics industry will finish development of products requiring two or more factors, including body heat and electrical impulses of skin. Also embedded technology into the human body would automate multi-factor authentication. Speaking of two-factor, we would have started to see users embed technology into their body as part of their second factor of authentication. This chip will only work when a certain heart rate, GPS location, and temperature are detected, but contains ones entire life history and will be used for medical purposes, authentication, and other forms of things that require one to be physically present. This device will be powered by ones own body. We also see that Hacking has gone pro. When I first started in this business, almost all threats were malware programs (viruses, worms, and Trojans) written by adolescent male pranksters. Although some malware programs did real harm, such as formatting disks or erasing data files, most simply annoyed people. We also had some professional and even state-sponsored hackers, but they weren’t the norm. We see that almost all malware is created to steal money or corporate secrets. The script kiddies are almost gone, pushed out by the professional hacker gangs that make millions of dollars each day victimizing home users and corporations with almost no threat of being caught or prosecuted. Malware has gone from innocuous, funny viruses and worms to identity-stealing programs and ransomware. Anyone with a credit card is accustomed to having their financial identity compromised. When 100 million records are compromised, no one bats an eye anymore. Advanced persistent threats (APTs), officially or unofficially working on the behalf of a foreign government, are the new normal. They will steal private documents and emails, along with patents and contracts, as easily as child would pluck flowers in a vast field. Countries will routinely use their offensive cyber security capabilities to read the email of another country’s leader — or to destroy physical assets (such as nuclear centrifuges). Which country has the best hackers will determine the victors in the new cold war. We see that everyone has been compromised. Every company worth hacking is hacked or could easily be hacked. This has created a new defensive strategic paradigm where we acknowledge that there’s no way we can eliminate persistent threats. We see improved breach detection tools. Once antivirus scanners were our main tool for breach detection. Now, an entire new set of companies and products would have been developed to detect when somebody’s doing something malicious, even if that something malicious is being done by a “legitimate” user. Event monitoring systems would be improving. Many companies will be storing and analyzing billions of events a day, using huge disk storage arrays that a short time ago would have stored the world’s entire collection of digital content. Intrusion detection will have moved beyond detecting simple malicious activity to detecting anomalous events that are out of character for a company and its employees. Connections to known, questionable networks are tracked and reported like the antivirus detections of yesteryear. Data leak protection (DLP) will have become big business. A decade ago, companies became practiced at shutting down their email servers and networks when the latest file attachment worm proliferated on the network. Today’s defenders are creating hardened administrative computers and isolated management environments that can be used to manage their networks when a breach is detected. We see that Multifactor authentication has been proliferated. When I first started in computer security, only the government or top secret research facilities forced employees to use smartcards or other multifactor authentication tools. Now I see this at nearly every company I visit. Plus, most companies have great physical security, starting at the visitor’s desk and parking lot — and computer rooms are behind locked doors with the servers in locked cages. Everyone still has lots of passwords, but most businesses and the most popular social media sites now offer two-factor authentication. Mobile phones and popular operating systems come with biometric identification by default. Eventually, passwords alone will stop being used altogether, receding into history like paper checks or credit cards without the picture and a chip. I don’t think multifactor authentication will solve all our problems, but it makes it harder for cyber thieves to steal and use ones identity. We can look for phishing emails and websites to disappear completely. Encryption will be the new default. Default encryption is on the rise despite nearly all governments protesting it. Today, most popular operating systems, computers, and mobile devices come with built-in, default-enabled disk encryption. More and more websites are using SSL (really TLS) encryption by default. Default encryption will mean that when a computing device is stolen, no longer will it turn into a data compromise that must be reported to the authorities (and the media).

Will it be a better world? Unfortunately, all these defense improvements would not have translated into a safer computing environment. There are far more malicious attacks today than there were 10 years ago. “Improvements” in cyber crime have so far completely overwhelmed the advances in cyber security defense. But I thoroughly believe that the defenses will catch up and eventually make the Internet a much safer place. It’s the natural progression of every civilized society, with the same bumps along the way. For a while things get worse, but society responds, and the world advances for the better.

We at TechnoPilot® are developing the security systems of the future, embedded with multi layered Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Nano-technology dovetailed with Laws of Quantum physics and using esoteric laws, which are not much in vogue in the present time.

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