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Telzio’s Disruptive VoIP Platform Delivers Powerful PBX Solutions In The Cloud

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Telzio is a business VoIP service provider that enables teams of all sizes to connect with their customers more efficiently, from any location. Below is our recent interview with Peter Schroeder, CEO at Telzio:

Q: Can you tell us something more about Telzio and your operations?

A: The heart of our operations is centered on delivering a robust virtual phone system with the newest innovative tech, and at efficient, transparent pricing. We are a US-based company that started in 2013, and have offices in Los Angeles and Copenhagen.

Q: What are ways your service stands out over your competitors?

A: Telzio runs on a disruptive innovation model, we are growing every day and working to reshape the industry as a leader and pass the benefits on to our users.

Telzio was built from the ground-up with every component of our system revolving around ease-of-use. Our many features like Auto Attendants, Queues, and Live Call Data are housed in a modern UI that’s highly intuitive. This design grants itself towards easy configuration and management of customized business phone systems.

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We have a unique pricing structure compared to other VoIP providers. Rather than charging per user, our pricing is all usage-based. We include features that other providers charge for at no extra cost – such as unlimited users, storage of call recordings, in-house customer support, and more. Our usage-based model is more efficient and delivers significant cost savings to our customers.

One of the other ways we excel over the competition is our exceptional, personalized customer support. Although the platform is extremely intuitive and user friendly, every customer has a product advisor to help guide them through onboarding, configuration, and beyond. Our customer and tech support teams are in-house and able to deliver fast knowledgeable support.

Q: What’s the best thing about Telzio that people might not know about?

A: Aside from serving businesses and enterprises, we take pride in enabling a large number of nonprofits to use the Telzio platform through discounts and sponsorships. The nonprofits we work with include ACLU, NAACP, and numerous others that use Telzio for day to day operations as well as crisis and resource hotlines. With the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, one of our nonprofit customers has processed over half a million calls to help people with voting.

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Q: Who are your customers?

A: Our customers span across industries and range from small businesses to enterprises like Samsung, Marriott, Airbnb, and Ulta. Telzio is ideal for contact centers and sales and support teams, who are able to utilize our powerful calling features from any location. By leveraging our online dashboard and easy to use call flows, administrators are able to manage phone numbers, features, and users with ease. Our webphone and mobile app offer a virtual working option for remote teams, in addition to the ability to use IP phones.

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