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Temando Intelligent Shipping Platform Helps Magento Retailers Grow

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Temando is a global technology shipping and fulfillment software platform for eCommerce. The company’s software solutions give merchants the power to move goods from anywhere they are to wherever they need to be. Temando recently raised a $50 Million Series B investment. Below is our interview with Carl Hartmann, CEO and co-founder of Temando:


Q: Tell us something more about Temando and your history?

A: Temando was born on the sandy beaches of Australia where fulfillment and delivery have always been very complex due to a highly fragmented delivery infrastructure. It’s because of this challenging environment that Temando was launched 6 years ago and serves many of the world’s leading retailers, including Toy’s R Us, Krispy Kreme and ASOS. Today in the USA and Europe access to technology is changing consumer expectations and the battle to maintain profit margins is ever increasing. Temando places retailers in the driver’s seat and opens up a world of possibilities.

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Q: What advantage does Temando have over its competitors?

A: Unique to the Temando platform is the ability for retailers to curate shipping experiences for their customers. It is estimated that 58% of all shopping cart abandonment can be associated with unexpected, high shipping costs (UPS, 2014). Temando solves this problem by allowing retailers to use shipping as a retail tool by controlling the shipping costs consumers see on their site and the shipping options that are displayed, be that Same Day, Next Day or Free Shipping based on available inventory, customer and warehouse locations.

As retailers fight to control costs and maintain profit margins, Temando enables retailers to take advantage of their physical store locations by enabling multi-location fulfillment. This means, as an online order flows through the Temando system, Temando automatically assigns the order to the closest store to the consumer with available stock and ships the goods. By shipping online orders from locations closer to where their customers are, retailers benefit from decreased shipping costs and efficient fulfillment practices.

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Q: You have over 50,000 registered users; who is your ideal customer and why?

A: The Temando platform easily scales from a small entrepreneur, selling T-shirts online who need a simple solution to access multiple carriers in one system, to a full enterprise solution processing millions of shipments from thousands of locations with hundreds of carrier services.

Q: Temando has officially been named as a Magento Gold Technology Partner, tell us something more?

A: We are privileged to have been a Magento Technology Partner for many years and are proud to have been selected as a Magento Gold Technology Partner. Retailers, carriers and our partners in all countries will benefit from the global experience Temando brings to a historically complex and ever-changing industry.

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Q: Temando recently secured a $50 million Series B investment, what are your plans?

A: The strategic investment by Neopost Shipping has enabled us to rapidly increase our product development and further our expansion in Asia Pacific, The United States, United Kingdom and France. The investment will enable us to realize our vision by connecting the world’s logistical resources into a single intelligent platform and make commerce universally accessible to everyone.

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