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Temporall Helps Executives And Their Leadership Teams Develop And Sustain High-Performance Organisational Culture

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Below is our recent interview with Thomas Davies, CEO and Founder of Temporall:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Temporall?

A: Terms such as workplace culture and organisational health are becoming more and more commonplace in boardrooms as companies begin to realise that in a highly competitive marketplace, culture can provide an advantage.

At Temporall we’re helping organisations to develop culture as a strategy. Using culture analytics, we help our clients to design, manage, measure and report on their organisational culture, continuously. When culture is considered as part of an overall business strategy, it leads to an increase in performance and supports successful digital transformation in a world where you need to scale fast and be adaptable in order to be competitive.

For so long, organisational culture has been underutilized due to its ambiguity and it’s lack of providing clear evidence for ROI. But now, we’re bridging the divide to help business leaders understand their organisational culture and how it’s affecting their bottom line results.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: We believe that bringing disparate skills and capabilities together under the same vision will create a movement which can revolutionise organisational health and workplace culture.

We do this by identifying and designing high-performance workplace cultures by continuously gathering real-time data analysis through machine learning from employees, teams and systems before transforming this data into strategic insight and better decision making.

We have a team of world class experts who have held executive and leadership roles in many of the world’s leading companies including Google, Microsoft, global banks and more, as well as academic institutions including The London Business School. Being specialists in enterprise technology, organisational development, talent, leadership development and more means our knowledge is unparalleled in a relatively new space, and we firmly believe that we can help some of the world’s largest businesses to create organisational change.

Q: You’ve recently announced the general availability of Culture Workbench; could you tell us something more?

A: Culture Workbench is at the heart of Temporall. It’s the enterprise-ready, real-time culture analytics platform which enables organisations to continually measure workplace culture through a digital, integrated toolkit.

Culture Workbench challenges workplace culture ambiguity by measuring the cultural health of an organisation in real-time to provide senior leaders with a smarter digital check on their organisational performance.

For some time now, Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) has helped businesses by analysing the relationships and patterns between people and the impact that individuals have on an organisation. Culture Workbench combines quantitative, qualitative and sentiment analysis alongside ONA – something that has never been measured before.

Q: Why is digital transformation important for every business?

A: Digital transformation is happening thick and fast. It’s not enough to just make technological advancements within your company anymore. Business leaders need to ensure that their employees are aligned with these changes in order to adapt successfully.

Culture Workbench can help uncover organisational network data regarding who within the organisation can help accelerate change and transformation initiatives, and who in the team might be critical of the change. Having this insight can help to guide you in understanding how best to evolve.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We want to make culture analytics available to as many people as possible in the workplace, so we will shortly be launching an app on Android and iOS, as well as additional integrations to third-party communication tools. Our philosophy is to meet users where they are, where they love working.

These launches means Temporall is poised to completely disrupt cultural analytics and make a high-performance culture available to everyone. We want to continue to educate enterprises on the power of culture analytics and help businesses unlock and measure the true value of their people. In short, we want culture analytics to become second nature to organisations, much like financial planning or product innovation.

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