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Teridion Curated Routing Radically Improves Internet Performance Up To 2X To 20X, Anywhere In The World

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Below is our recent interview with Pejman Roshan from Teridion. Pejman Roshan is the Vice President of Products and Marketing for Teridion, Inc.

Q: Can you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Teridion?

A: Yes, I would be happy to. Teridion was founded in 2013 to make SaaS applications perform more like they are running inside the enterprise data center. Even back then, it was clear that Internet performance needed some help to deliver the right user experience for SaaS. The challenge is that the Internet was not designed for performance, it’s designed for survivability. We made it our mission to deliver faster and more reliable Internet. Our invention is called Teridion Curated Routing, which radically improves Internet performance up to 2X to 20X, anywhere in the world, and delivers today’s rich content with the reliability that enterprises need.

Q: Tell us more about how Teridion’s solution works?

A: The heart of the Teridion service is Teridion Curated Routing. With Teridion Curated Routing, we can provide enterprises with performance guarantees comparable to MPLS. We do this by leveraging the power of cloud computing and the networks of the public cloud providers. Partnering with more than 25 public cloud providers, Teridion deploys thousands of sensors around the world that collect real-time Internet performance and reachability data. These feed Teridion’s multi-cloud orchestrator, which uses deep learning algorithms to determine the fastest possible route, and then instantiates virtual cloud routers, which accelerate application traffic on the fly wherever necessary to follow it. Then, Teridion’s powerful deep learning capabilities predictively modify the route, routing traffic around congestion and outages by spinning up new routers in real time as needed. The combination of this routing optimization and protocol acceleration enables Teridion to provide customers with a highly reliable network that increases throughput by at least 2X to 20X over regular public Internet performance.

I mentioned protocol acceleration. Teridion’s deep learning management system tunes and tweaks routing by learning the performance characteristic of each public cloud provider network we use. Baselining and thresholding give us insights into normal behavior so we can automatically orchestrate new routers and routes before network issues start to impact site-to-site or site-to-SaaS performance. The result of this is our customers see a WAN service that squeezes every kilobit per second of performance from not just the first or last mile of their Internet connectivity, but the middle mile as well, increasing throughput worldwide as I mentioned by 2X to 20X vs public Internet performance.

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Q: You’ve recently launched Teridion for Enterprise; could you tell us something more?

A: The premise for Teridion for Enterprise was that we recognized there are two massive shifts occurring in enterprise networking – the move of business critical applications from the enterprise data center to the cloud, and the re-architecture of the WAN away from legacy technologies such as MPLS to next generation SD-WAN. In both cases, enterprises find that the inconsistent performance of the public Internet prevents them from fully realizing the promised benefits of cloud and SD-WAN.

Teridion for Enterprise is the industry’s first and only cloud-based WAN solution that delivers SLA-backed performance and reliability of legacy WAN technologies, such as MPLS, but with the agility, elastic scale, and global reach of the public cloud. Teridion for Enterprise is a true cloud service, so capacity is not fixed and throughput scales on-demand. There is zero capital expense, customers pay for only what they use, and no Teridion hardware or software is required. Deployment is simple and easy, and can be provisioned in minutes with a simple IPSec connection to the Teridion network.

Stated another way, we believe that what the public cloud has done to data center networking and compute, it can do for the WAN.

Sold to enterprises, Teridion for Enterprise also integrates with leading branch office gateways and SD-WAN solutions to extend SD-WAN’s capabilities beyond the first and last mile. We take on the final puzzle piece of the middle mile, and include SLAs comparable to MPLS for SD-WAN customers too. Teridion provides snap-in integration to existing SD-WAN deployments from all major vendors, including Cisco Meraki, Citrix, VeloCloud/VMWare, and Silver Peak.

Q: Aren’t there already products doing this?

A: This may sound a little like SD-WAN, which does a good job of improving first/last mile reliability and performance. As mentioned earlier, Teridion for Enterprise improves middle mile reliability and performance. There are a number of private network solutions that call themselves SD-WAN, but have significant limitations. Network/Private Network SD-WAN is typically very expensive and scale-limited to the provider’s own private network. They also suffer from the same agility challenges as legacy WAN offerings as they rely on fixed circuits and transit connections that must be reprovisioned to increase capacity. Teridion for Enterprise spans the networks of more than 25 public cloud providers across the globe to find and accelerate traffic through the best-performing route from the user to the application.

Content delivery networks have been around for a while, and do a good job delivering static content – but do not improve the performance of personalized, dynamic content, bidirectional traffic, or large file transfers. Unlike CDNs, Teridion adapts dynamically to changing Internet conditions and elastically scales up and down to map to users’ real-time throughput requirements.

And you have heard me mention MPLS a few times. The difference here is that Teridion for Enterprise is flexible, easy and fast to deploy, with deployment possible in minutes or hours, not weeks or months. Unlike MPLS, Teridion for Enterprise is not provisioned based on bandwidth. As a cloud service, we use the full bandwidth of the Internet connection. Teridion uses deep learning to best route traffic for maximum acceleration, congestion avoidance, and packet loss mitigation, as we do this at a savings of 30-50 percent over legacy MPLS.

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Q: What makes Teridion the logical choice for today’s enterprises?

A: Enterprises of all sizes are making the move to the cloud and evolving their WANs to support this move. With Teridion, we make it simple to roll out a global WAN that not only connects sites together, but pulls in SaaS and public cloud so they feel like they are part of the enterprise WAN. We do this all while accelerating performance by 2X to 20X and reducing costs compared to legacy WAN circuits and direct cloud connections. Unlike other solutions, Teridion for Enterprise is based on a market proven cloud native network. Leveraging the public cloud enables Teridion’s cloud-based WAN service to offer enterprises a global WAN service, so bringing up sites on the other side of the world is as easy as bringing up sites across town. Teridion’s cloud architecture gives the Teridion network horizontal scale, allowing customers to grow as fast as they’d like without worry about bandwidth limits or having to reprovision connections. The networks grow as our customers’ WAN demands grow.

Teridion Curated Routing eliminates a fundamental problem with Internet routing – its inability to make routing decisions based on performance. Using deep learning to process the data, Teridion identifies the best performing network possible given the number of sites and the location and applications used at each site. Teridion then orchestrates the network, enabling protocol acceleration and dynamically adapting network routing to changing conditions. On average this yields throughput improvements of 2X to 20X and 5-30 percent reduction in end-to-end latency, depending on geographic region.

This degree of performance improvement is what allows Teridion to be the first cloud-based WAN service to offer an SLA comparable to legacy services like MPLS, giving enterprises the confidence and assurances they need to move to lower cost, high bandwidth, broadband Internet connectivity and phase out costly MPLS circuits.

Q: What can they expect from your cloud-based WAN service?

A: With this introduction, enterprises can expect to benefit from accelerated and highly reliable traffic to SaaS applications, public cloud workloads, and between their sites, through a low-cost standard Internet connection. With Teridion’s cloud-based WAN service, enterprise can expect a host of benefits, including superior SaaS application performance, including real-time UCaaS applications; SLA backed, cost-effective replacement for MPLS; high performance access to cloud workloads across multiple cloud providers; fast and highly reliable site-to-site performance; and let’s not forget on-demand scalability.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Teridion will continue to expand the reach and functionality of Teridion for Enterprise, as a result of working closely with early users of the technology. The company will also expand its partner ecosystem and integrations into leading solutions, including additional SD-WAN providers. While the solution is available directly to enterprises, Teridion has also launched its Channel Partner Program, and moving forward this will be a critical element to the company’s success. Teridion will continue to recruit and work with leading channel and solutions providers worldwide to expand the reach of Teridion and make these benefits more readily available to organizations worldwide.

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