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Tervela – Simplifying Digital Content Transfer And Migration

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Tervela has been helping businesses to solve integration, data movement and analysis challenges for over a decade. Powerful and easy to use Data in Motion platform automates time consuming and error prone jobs such as data ingest, file migration and synchronization, cloud integration, back-up, as well as data analysis and visualization, saving your time and headaches along the way. Below is our interview with Luke Tubinis, Marketing Director at Tervela:


Q: What is Tervela, how would you describe the data in motion platform?

A: Tervela provides organizations with the ability to easily transfer data around the globe with unmatched speed. The Data in Motion Platform provides powerful tools for data movement planning, execution, and reporting. Content migration is a frequently overlooked hardship of cloud adoption. Our Data in Motion Platform gives both small and large companies the tools needed overcome the time and resource limitations with moving data.

Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of the Cloud FastPath solution?

A: Cloud FastPath is the first web based tool to move files from both on-premises and cloud based systems into cloud enterprise file sync and share platforms and cloud storage providers. Cloud FastPath has a broad toolset to address pre-migration planning and analysis, a distinctive architecture which provides especially fast transfer rates, and post migration reporting. Cloud FastPath is designed to drastically reduce the time required to adopt a new cloud based file share solution from months or years to days or weeks.

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Q: You’ve recently joined the Google for Work Partner Program as a technology partner; tell us something more?

A: There are many exciting aspects to our new Google Partnership. First of all, our infrastructure can now run in Google Compute Engine, giving current Google Cloud Platform customers the option to run part of our product on their own Google Cloud servers. Secondly, our partnership includes support for Google Cloud Storage. This means Cloud FastPath can support organizations looking to backup fileshares to Google Cloud or run big data programs in Google Cloud by getting their data there much faster than DIY tools. As a part of this announcement we are offering free transfers to Google Cloud Storage for datasets greater than 20TB. Lastly, Cloud FastPath now supports Google Drive. Many organizations are looking to move their user’s files to Google Drive to take advantage of the collaboration features and easy sharing capabilities. Cloud FastPath can easily migrate hundreds or thousands of users to Google Drive while retaining file permissions.

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Q: How does Cloud FastPath’s architecture differentiate it from other migration tools?

A: Cloud FastPath is built with security as a priority. Our multi point of presence architecture ensures that our customer’s data is never written to disk and is only ever stored in memory. Because content is streamed from the source to the target there is never an opportunity for our systems to see the content of what is being transferred.

Our multi point of presence architecture gives Cloud FastPath speed that many other migration tools simply cannot achieve. This system allows for the most expensive data movement operations to be performed nearest to the source and target. Rather than make thousands or millions of API calls over the WAN, our system compresses and encrypts data before it is sent.

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Q: What are your plans for the next six months?

A: We are looking to expand our pre-migration analysis tools to enable customers to make more intelligent decisions around their migrations. We also plan to add more cloud based file share systems to our integrations. For speed enhancements we are looking to increase the parallelism within Cloud FastPath, allowing for more concurrent data streams.

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