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The Benefits Of Smart Data Management

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As Andrew McAfee, a principal research scientist at MIT, famous for his book, Race Against the Machine, wrote, “The world is one big data problem.”

Managing data is important not only because we have plenty of it but also because it keeps blowing up at an exponential rate. It’s not enough to move data to an enterprise data warehouse, we also have to be able to access it when we need to use it.

Dire things can happen within an organization if you lose or misplace data, such as financial loss and confusion about business operations. If these escalate, it can lead to chaos.

What Is Data Management?

Data management is the collection, storage, and organization of essential data. It is also the protection and verification of data. What your company has properly organized its data, it is now easily available to everyone in the organization authorized to use it.

The best way to illustrate the value of data management is to look at some examples.

First, MDM healthcare is a data management solution for the healthcare industry. Since it organizes data about members, providers, and patients, it allows healthcare professionals to gain actionable insights about all their customers. This customer data can be used to design new customer services and deliver more personalized experiences.

Second, Trepscore is an intuitive data management system for small companies. It helps business owners cut down on the distraction of irrelevant data so that they can focus on the core things they need to do to develop their business. According to Eric Rice, the founder and CEO of TrepScore, the software can perform a number of functions. It integrates data from cloud-based software, such as website traffic stats. It organizes various business documents. It tracks business milestones. It can even furnish entrepreneurs with data-based guidelines on the best practices to follow.

3 Enormous Benefits of Data Management

1. Data management may save your company from bankruptcy: We rarely appreciate something until we lose it. This is true for many things in life, from matters of the heart to the financial stability of a business. Most businesses who have lost their data for longer than a week because of a technical or natural disaster file for bankruptcy within a year of their disaster because lost data causes a large number of business disruptions. It can infuriate customers. It can incite tax disputes. It can provoke legal judgments. For these reasons, every business needs to put data protection plans in place.

2. Data management will cut unnecessary expenses: By avoiding duplication errors of everything from labor to equipment to payments, an organization will run more cost-efficiently. For instance, when data is readily referable, an employee will not do the same research and analysis that another employee already did. Another example: a manager will not order new parts for a machine because the inventory database will show that the company still has some in the warehouse.

3. Data management will improve business productivity: Business productivity improves when data is well-organized. Users can easily find relevant information and use it to improve their productivity in a wide number of ways. They can use the data to consistently improve their job performance by becoming more aware of how to do things better. They can make better decisions working with evidence rather than falling back on making educated guesses. For instance, hiring managers can choose better candidates because they know more about the people they are interviewing and can also provide suitable candidates with comprehensive job descriptions. In the long run, too, a company that has access to high-quality data will gain a competitive advantage. All these advantages add up over time, inevitably resulting in revenue gains.

How to Upgrade Your Company’s Data Management

Often the best way to improve data management in your company is to get outside assistance. By hiring data management consultants, you will get people with far more experience than your own internal staff to help your company reorganize and protect its data.

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