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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Dating In Your Golden Years

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Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably been privy to the trainwreck that is Milf Manor. What could possibly go wrong when hot moms are set up in a resort with some suitors? Normal reality TV hijinks, right? What if the suitors are each woman’s son? Well, that’s when things can get messy.

At, we know a lot about older women looking for love with younger men. In fact, it’s our specialty! While we always encourage women to date whoever they’d like regardless of age, we definitely have some advice so you can avoid the awkward mistakes that you might see on TV!

  1. DO date someone you’re attracted to. When dating and meeting new people, trust your gut. Pay attention to how you feel about the person’s looks, personality, sense of humor and mannerisms. Love can grow in any relationship but it’s important to feel some chemistry when you’re on a first date. Listen to the person. Are you interested in what they’re talking about? When they flirt with you, do you feel drawn to them? Do they play along when you flirt with them or do they withdraw? Pay attention – people show you who they are.
  2. ​When you’re dating someone who is younger than you, you might be nervous that you might not be able to connect with them or have common interests. Don’t be afraid to let the person you’re interested in know what you’re into from the very beginning. Life is too short to be coy! It’s always best to be yourself when dating someone new.
  3. DON’T date your child’s close friends without talking to your child first. If there is anything we can learn from Milf Manor, it’s that dating your friend’s son or your son’s friend can make for a really uncomfortable dinner party. Be respectful of your child’s boundaries and always communicate with them if you are interested in a relationship with someone in their social circle. ​While it might seem like a convenient choice to date someone that is already familiar with your family and friends, it could complicate all relationships involved. Always tread carefully when trying to have a romantic relationship with someone your child brought into your community. This person was their friend first and you don’t want to get in the middle of their relationship, however tempting it may be.
  4. If you’re looking to date a younger partner, find a meet up group or a club to join if you aren’t sure where to meet new people. There are also great dating websites to help you find someone! Check out and find men in your community who are interested in dating an older woman.
  5. DO read the writing on the wall. If you’re chatting, texting or DM’ing a younger guy, you might not be sure if they’re into you. Sometimes it can be hard to understand how someone feels for you over text. First things first: if someone isn’t responding to you at all, ignores your messages or only messages you on their schedule then they are probably not interested. This might have to do with their busy schedule, something going on in their personal life or just aloofness. Whatever the reason, it’s not worth putting your energy towards chasing a conversation that’s never going to come. When you start to notice that someone is not responsive when messaging you, take it as a sign to move your sights elsewhere.
  6. If someone is responding to your messages promptly and starting conversations with you frequently then it’s a pretty good sign they are interested in you. If they often ask you follow-up questions or remember things you’ve said, take it as a thumbs up that they want to get you know more. People don’t go out of their way to text you if they aren’t interested in learning more about you. As an older woman, you are a great conversationalist with lots of experiences and exciting stories to share. Don’t be afraid to take on screen flirtations off screen!

Shows like Milf Manor perpetuate the taboo that dating younger men isn’t socially acceptable but reality proves that younger men date older women all the time. Women like Cher, Madonna and Kris Jenner date men that are younger than them and are happy in their healthy relationships. Sometimes it’s time to turn off the noise and focus on what really matters – genuine connection and respect. There is nothing wrong with dating a younger men! Any time we date anyone we are opening up our world and becoming a more dynamic person.

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