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The Frank IT Change Kit – Modular IT Communications Kit Accelerates Adoption

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The Frank IT Change Kit is a ready-made IT communications and organizational change management solution that empowers IT project teams, engages employees and accelerates user adoption.

Below is an interview with Frank co-owners Jody Kolars, John Nielson and Elissa Gjertson:


Q: You’ve recently announced the launch of your new “modular” Frank IT Change Kit; what are main advantages of using it?

A: Let’s be frank: IT professionals – who are so skilled in other areas – often don’t have extensive communication abilities. In fact, results from the CIO Executive Council’s “Power of Effective IT Communication” survey show that only four of one hundred IT Leaders believe that they are “highly effective in communicating with their non-IT colleagues.” goes so far as to state: “Communication between IT and non-IT employees is in a state of crisis.”

That’s where the modular Frank IT Change Kit comes in. With ready-made IT communications materials, a best-practice process and rollout guidance, it equips IT leaders with easy-to-use tools to fill this gap. Add on editable organizational change management (OCM) worksheets and it’s a complete solution that empowers the very people responsible for IT project success or failure: the IT team itself.

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Q: For those who have never heard of it, tell us something more about your “Modules”?

A: The Frank IT Change Kit offers 16 change-communication modules to choose from. The modules range from IT Branding and IT Security to Tech Upgrades and Process Changes to Enterprise IT modules such as ERP, HCM, CRM and more.

Each Frank IT Change Kit module contains 20-30 unique IT communication pieces delivered in Microsoft PowerPoint and Word files and all materials follow Frank’s best-practice communication process that maps to common IT implementation project schedules. The materials are delivered on a password-protected portal, accessible by 10 Project Team members for 2 years.

Customers can get up and running with a Frank IT Change Kit by choosing a minimum of three modules and adding more as needed; each is priced at $5k each. Customers also have the choice of four different “campaign themes” that best fits their company culture or internal brand standards. And, of course, mixing and matching is allowed!

Finally, customers attend Frank’s virtual training that “upskills” IT project teams in as little as 90 minutes as well have access to the “Frank Live” change community. All in all it’s the on-demand IT communications solution that’s shaking up traditional organizational change management and internal communications as we know it.

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Q: What kinds of feedback are you getting from your early users?

A: We always want to make heroes out of our customer project teams – equip them with action-oriented tools that help them break free from “analysis paralysis” common with traditional organizational change management – so creating a more modular, ready-made way to do IT change was a natural solution.

The result? Early user feedback has been very positive. One of the most relevant testimonials to this discussion is from Shumon Zaman, CIO of Lamprell – a leading Oil & Gas leader based in Dubai. He says, “The Frank IT Change Kit does the creative heavy-lifting for my IT team; something we don’t know how to do.” That sums it up nicely.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using the Frank Change Kit solutions?

A: Traditionally, IT project teams have had two choices: simply not do IT communications and organizational change management or hire expensive consultants for months at a time to learn the business.

In contrast, the Frank IT Change Kit is the lightweight, effective, “just-add-water” recipe to generate effective IT communications and organizational change. All run by the project team itself, all at a fraction of the time and price of traditional offerings. It’s truly a revolution in the IT industry.

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