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The Hollines Group Delivers Business Growth Strategy And Legal Advisory Services To Executives At Startup, And Emerging Technology Companies

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Below is our recent interview with Harry Hollines, the Founder & CEO at The Hollines Group:

Harry Hollines

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to The Hollines Group?

A: The Hollines Group offers business growth strategy and legal advisory services to executives at startup, early stage, and emerging technology and software companies. We leverage combined business and legal skillsets to help our clients with business and corporate development, legal and business transactions, negotiation strategies and partnership development to rapidly grow, expand and scale.

Q: How is your business model and approach unique?

A: Unlike traditional law or consulting firms, The Hollines Group leverages its business and legal expertise to offer legal and growth strategy to startups under one roof. Currently, that’s hard to find, which means it’s tough for new companies to build cohesive strategies that are aligned across the entire business.

Our aim is to provide a single option for startup and early stage technology companies seeking to ensure alignment happens across legal, business and corporate development, and HR. To develop a scalable business model requires harmony and alignment of the product, market and customer approach with the pricing, legal and contract terms to achieve efficiency and repeatability and that is where The Hollines Group stands apart.

We bring deep understanding and expertise to the table to navigate and balance business and legal risks and identify growth and cost savings opportunities. In addition, we are also committed to identifying and advising startup and early-stage technology companies founded and managed by women and minorities as we understand first-hand the importance of diversity as a key driver of innovation and business growth.

Q: Why is diversity important in the startup ecosystem?

A: Anyone knows that innovation comes from, well, new ideas. To fully unlock and bring the best and most impactful ideas to light requires input from employees with different backgrounds and experiences. A startup ecosystem is no different from an established ecosystem in that every company, partner or supplier is focused on market growth, and diversity is a key component in driving business growth and expansion. There is a direct correlation between highly innovative and diverse companies and market growth and expansion–and that is just the beginning. For startups, it’s critical to quickly analyze the multitude of market options before identifying the right sector and market to service. This analysis is much richer, valuable and comprehensive with a diversity of ideas, thoughts, and strategies.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: We provide both business strategy and legal advisory services in an integrated service model. We serve as a strategic business development, corporate development, or legal resource to identify new revenue streams, partnerships and negotiate optimal business transactions in a more timely and efficient manner while reducing overall business expenses and investment.

As part of our legal advisory services, we provide the following:

• Review, draft and negotiate business and technology agreements including licensing, consulting, partnership, IP, services, vendor, and non-disclosure agreements.
• Negotiate, draft and advise on mergers and acquisitions including asset, acqui-hire, and various buy and sell transaction structures.
• Develop legal ’Playbook’ with common negotiation roadblocks.
• Draft responses and contractual provisions to respond to common contract negotiation positions.
• Reduce negotiation and contract completion time and achieve optimal business outcomes.

Our business growth strategy services focus on the development and execution of strategic revenue growth strategies and initiatives to scale our clients’ businesses while delivering measurable cost reduction savings through process optimization that include:

• Business development and partnership channel strategy.
• Market sector ecosystem analysis.
• Prospect, engage and close sales and partnership opportunities.
• Align product capabilities with customer and partner value drivers.
• Develop and manage M&A pipeline, identify targets, engage prospects, validate strategic fit and optimal deal structure.
• Negotiate and draft LOI to definitive agreement.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Our aim at The Hollines Group is to be recognized as a key resource to startup and early-stage technology companies focused on business growth and expansion. For any founder, CEO or executive of a start-up company focused on developing a repeatable and scalable business model and implementing business and legal strategies that rapidly expand and scale their business, we want The Hollines Group to be the go-to firm.

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