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The Indispensable Role Of Intuitive Consultants In Corporate America’s Boardrooms

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For generations, intuition has been viewed as an elusive and mystical form of knowledge; a form of unconscious intelligence through which the very essence of things is revealed. In recent years, Corporate America’s boardrooms have seen a rise in the numbers of intuitive business consultants. Today’s most successful CEOs are effectively integrating skilled intuitive consultants to support their strategic decision making and achieve overwhelming success.

Intuition defies logic, space, and time to arrive at accurate, useful information not otherwise available through physical senses. As a natural process, a gifted intuitive could attain trusted information by following the 5 step strategic decision model. Here’s how:

Step 1. Define the Problem or objective. A skilled intuitive can easily tune into any problem space and isolate the core issue at hand and the potential solutions. Having a clearly defined problem or objective is unquestionably the most critical step in the strategic decision-making process, because everything else hinges on getting this right. What appears to be the problem or objective may only be a symptom of something larger or something completely unconsidered.

Step 2. Gather Information. An intuitive consultant can gather and communicate any relevant, actionable and useful information surrounding the defined problem or goal by offering a bird’s eye big picture perspective and zooming in to explore things in more detail, from a 360-degree awareness on a physical, emotional, and energetic level. Being able to see from within and around the problem space can reveal surprising insights and new information that proves beneficial to the strategic decision-making process.

Step 3. Develop and Evaluate Options. Intuitive consultants are extremely adept at wargaming and refining options to bring the best potential solutions to the table for further evaluation. They can also help with exploring how each option measures against established screening criteria, such as time, resources, and cost vs. risk. In addition, an intuitive can help perceive any hidden strengths, weaknesses, unknowns, and potential outcomes for each option, as well help ascertain if there are any unexplored options worth looking into.

Step 4. Choose the Best Action. An intuitive consultant can help you choose the best course of action. By sensing into how each action measures against your defined decision criteria, an intuitive can see if there are any potential impacts – known and yet unknown – that could adversely affect any course of action. Being able to sense into and beyond decision criteria, into what may be unknown in present time, is what makes intuitive consulting predictive, protective, and truly indispensable to the strategic decision making process.

Step 5. Implement and Monitor the Decision. Once the best course of action is selected, an intuitive consultant can assist in implementing and monitoring the progress of the decision to ensure a course for success.

By adding skilled intuitive consultants to executive boardrooms, CEOs are bringing an unlimited source of data, information, knowledge and fresh insights that complement already established decision-making techniques. Intuitive consultants are giving organizations a competitive edge without taking away from the analytical conventional wisdom. Simply put, these new aged advisors are the new Swiss Army Knife to Corporate America’s boardrooms; they are uniquely shaping executive decision making and increasing the business odds of success in your favor.

Kathy Doran

About Kathy Doran

Kathy Doran Intuitive Business Consultant, LLC, is a successful and gifted corporate intuitive consultant who can provide you with a truly customized service that will give you a “map” to achieve your overwhelming success. She has the gift, skill and ability to reach beyond the surface of any situation to get to the truth of what is really happening, sense potentials and trends, help you understand possibilities, overcome blind spots, and confidently chart the optimal course of action to achieve success at the personal and professional levels. She further harmonizes her intuitive readings with energetic manifestation sessions to help you materialize desired outcomes that bring your dreams to life in the physical day-to-day world where it really counts. Kathy is down to earth and practical. She has trained in many Spiritual disciplines, proudly served as an Active Duty U.S. Army Officer for over 24 years and is experienced in both corporate and government business environments.

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