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The Q&A With Anthony Medaglia, Head Of Baseball Operations At V1 Baseball

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Below is our recent interview with Anthony Medaglia, Head Of Baseball Operations at V1 Sports:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to V1 Baseball?

A: V1 Sports’ marquee enterprise for the past 25 years has been the industry-leading video analysis (over state-of-the-art software and mobile apps) and coaching platform for golfers and golf instructors. More than four million lessons have been delivered by more than 10,000 V1-affiliated golf coaches. When the V1 team saw an opportunity to expand into the baseball market, they were confident athletes and coaches would be just as eager for the trusted feedback V1 delivers.

The free V1 Baseball app empowers athletes to improve their personal baseball skills by capturing and reviewing their techniques with detailed baseball hitting, fielding or pitching analysis and easy-to-use and responsive playback tools.

V1 Baseball’s new mobile app makes top-level baseball and softball coaches accessible, at an athlete’s fingertips, through this innovative mobile platform. Aspiring athletes everywhere now have a golden opportunity to receive expert baseball coaching from a collection of the sport’s best coaches and academies. By sharing videos of their baseball motions (hitting, fielding or pitching form), athletes can receive personalized voice-over video lessons from a growing network of expert coaches who use the V1 Baseball platform. Baseball coaches can download the V1 Pro app to create and deliver voice-over video lessons to their students.

All up-and-coming baseball players are motivated to accelerate their development. We’ve created a simple but powerful platform that unites aspiring athletes with the top coaches and academies in the country. The ability to access proven and trusted professional coaching is now right at your fingertips.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into V1 Baseball’s coaching software?

A: V1 Baseball’s coaching platform incorporates a powerful combination of live video capture of hitting, pitching or fielding analysis, voice-over tips, telestration, graphic overlay, lesson creation and delivery tools for baseball and softball, all secured on cloud storage. V1’s high resolution, high-frame-rate (240 FPS in HD) cameras capture an athlete’s hitting, pitching motion or fielding technique from angles and depths that allow the expert coach to pinpoint key training elements and then quickly devise a personalized, custom lesson and send it directly to the student through the V1 mobile app or email. Advanced editing and drawing tools, slow-motion and frame-by-frame playback help coaches convey key components of each lesson. An HD professional model library allows coaches to compare a student’s body motion and technique to a trained professional’s movements.

The new V1 Baseball mobile app is now available in the iOS App Store with optimized video capture and coaching for all baseball and softball skill sets. Users can flip the camera orientation to accommodate right- or left-handed swings and videos can easily be shared on social media or via email.

App users can easily manage, search and locate their videos, sorting them by folder and tagging swing videos by direction of contact and view angle and pitching videos by type and view angle.

Users who upgrade to V1 Baseball Plus (an ad-free, in-app annual subscription) may access V1 Baseball’s extensive HD model swing library, compare two hitting/pitching videos in slow motion and frame-by-frame, overlay two videos for more precise comparison, delete multiple videos at one time and create custom folders. V1 Baseball Plus users receive priority in-app support from V1’s US-based support team and exclusive benefits from the company’s partners, who are among the hottest brands in baseball. People can learn more here.

Q: Who is your target – baseball coaches or baseball players?

A: Definitely both. V1’s cutting-edge video analysis software empowers coaches and players to utilize a suite of tools that can help drive skill improvement quicker and more accurately than ever. Plus, it can enhance communication between players and coaches – allowing coaches to send voiceover analysis, written notes and video demonstrations.

For example, during the pandemic, it can be difficult for athletes to work with their coaches in person. Those relationships and interactions are very important, and V1’s tools can aid in strengthening and continuing that relationship. V1 Baseball has been growing its library of premium coaching content and expanded an unprecedented roster of instructors in baseball’s various skill disciplines: hitting, pitching and fielding. Whether a student wants more action on their fastball or wants to learn to hit for more power, V1 Baseball can connect that student with a professional coach who has excelled professionally at that specific skill set.

Q: What else does V1 Baseball offer?

A: The V1 Pressure Mat can be used for batting and pitching instruction and any baseball motion in which the feet move. The mat’s real-time pressure-point data shows a V1 Baseball coach where a student’s weight transferred at any point in their swing or pitching or fielding motion. The V1 Pressure Mat is the first easy-to-maneuver and affordable mat to record balance distribution information and Center of Pressure (“COP”) during a baseball player’s movement, providing immediate feedback during a lesson or practice session. Combining instant data on an athlete’s weight transfer with V1’s top-in-class camera systems and video software makes each lesson more impactful and can markedly accelerate a baseball player’s improvement.

There’s a tremendous opportunity to use ground pressure data to advance baseball performance training at every level of the game, even the Major Leagues. The feedback supplied by the portable V1 Pressure Mat delivers real-time data on things like whether athletes are putting pressure into the ground on their toes, or on their heels and at what point in time, during their sequencing, they’re doing that. Pressure mapping allows us to identify where we athletes are recruiting energy. This understanding helps us uncover how athletes store and transfer that energy throughout the kinematic sequence. With this data, we can help athletes develop more quickly by focusing on measurable.

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Q: What can the public expect to see from V1 Baseball in next six months?

A: More instructional and educational content from leading experts and coaches on our blog. We’ll also continue to build partnerships with baseball and softball academies and tournament organizations like we have with 17 Baseball – – who runs elite-caliber youth baseball and softball tournaments in multiple states. We’ll also continue sharing our technology with Major League Baseball and NCAA teams to advance the conversation on expert video and biomechanic feedback they can use to improve athlete training. People can learn more here.

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