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The Spam Call Pandemic: How AI-based RealCall Saves Small Businesses Suffering Phone Scams Impact

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Notwithstanding the significant efforts throughout the telecom sector, unscrupulous actors’ techniques have gotten more aggressive and deceitful in their attempts to seem genuine. Scammers are persistent, and they will not stop as long as they are making money.

Scam calls are a global nuisance demonstrating how sophisticated fraudsters have gotten in using telecom technologies. In 2021, T-Mobile’s Scam Shield system recognized and prevented more than 21 billion fraudulent calls for its consumers, which is more than double the amount of calls in 2020. The tremendous growth rate of mobile-based phone scams also indicates the challenges governments, telecommunications firms, technology companies, and consumers confront in responding to the menace.

The COVID-19 outbreak has also played a significant part in producing a fraud “perfect storm,” as fraudsters have a great chance due to the expansion of government initiatives designed to assist small enterprises. As workers or company owners may already anticipate someone to contact them about these initiatives, fake phone calls may be more persuasive. Hence, in 2020, there were over 2.2 million complaints of scams, with a spike in false phone calls and text messages, as stated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Overview of Scam Calls

As most business owners have grown more dependent on remote cooperation, they have become more prone to spear phishing and other similar tactics. Swindlers using the telephone may be more successful at targeting businesses in today’s world since calls and messages pertaining to finances are not out of the norm. According to FTC, the typical loss for scams that begin with a phone call is $1,200, more than any other means of communication.

Since they often have less protection, small and medium-sized enterprises are common targets for fraud. Because they also have relatively more to lose, they must defend themselves against these frauds. While most enterprises in today’s modern world are aware of the need to maintain internet security, this survey’s findings emphasize the necessity for them also to be aware of the dangers posed by phone scammers.

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With so many spammers and unscrupulous actors attempting to steal your information, it is essential to be always cautious and vigilant. Scam phone calls are widespread and will continue to bother you unless you take the necessary safeguards. While there are several sorts of phone scams, they all have the same objective: to obtain personal and confidential information.

Exploring the Detrimental Impact of Scam Calls for Businesses

Even though many of these scams are aimed at individuals, they may have a greater negative impact on businesses. In the aftermath of a successful call scam, the perceived value of your services as a business might be undermined by any widespread erosion of trust and confidence.

When lines are jammed with nuisance calls, the clients may be unable to get in contact with you. Spam calls also distract your personnel from their responsibilities. Besides, this immediately impacts staff morale, negatively impacting production and, eventually, profitability.

Besides, legitimate businesses may also compensate clients who have been defrauded, eventually leading to greater expenses, resulting in fewer profits and higher prices for the end customers.

Solutions to Combat Phone Scams

Although there is no ideal method to stop 100% of these calls, you have a few solutions to significantly limit the number of robocalls and spam calls you get. First, spreading awareness around the proliferation and impact of spam calls is essential to tackle this ongoing issue. You should train yourself and everyone who may pick up a corporate phone on handling calls.

Another option would be to contact telecommunications providers to find out what free assistance they may provide to reduce the number of robocalls you get. Furthermore, spam blockers on cell phones have emerged as a very effective solution for spam calls.

Considering the proliferation of fraudulent calls, microbusiness owners, such as solopreneurs, freelancers, and side hustlers, should always obtain a second phone number and distribute it through channels where potential customers may locate them.

On business-related mobile phones, you may discover technologies that assist you in detecting and decreasing spam calls. For this pursuit, the AI-based spam call prevention software RealCall introduces cutting-edge technology in a novel method to this pressing problem.

The anti-spam and caller ID lookup application provides precise identification and filters spam calls, fraud, fraudsters, telemarketers, and other unwanted incoming calls or SMS thanks to a large-scale, constantly-evolving database and an independently designed algorithm. Users may identify callers, welcome customers with personalized voicemail greetings, never miss critical calls, and eliminate unwanted calls.

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As scammers and illegal callers are building the tactics with discreet layering and constantly changing the methods to avoid detection, it is imperative to utilize smart services like RealCall, which continuously update the database and recalibrate their AI model to keep the pace and always outsmart the scammers.

Bottom Line

Because modern technology may be both an aid and a hindrance in some situations, it is important to remain cautious with the current wave of repeated phone scams. Business owners must implement comprehensive security solutions to safeguard their brands and prevent spoofing assaults using their corporate phone numbers. Ultimately, anti-spam call blocking and reverse phone number search applications, especially those powered by evolutionary database, are essential complementary services for your business or second phone number!

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