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The Value Of An IT Consultant: Tympani’s Team, Process, And Integrity

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With the ever-increasing complexity of information technology and the swelling number of options available to an organization, the need for qualified and certified consultants is growing. IT has never been a simple plug-and-play industry, but now more than ever, the ambiguities of the cloud, advanced collaboration, and contact center solutions demand the insight of a true expert. That’s what Tympani provides. Approaching problems from a holistic and analytical perspective, Tympani offers guidance and technological confidence to businesses throughout Chicago.

Below is our interview with Starza Thompson, Marketing Director at Tympani:


Q: How would you describe Tympani? What is your core competence?

A: Founded in 2004, Tympani Inc., is a full-spectrum IT consultancy and engineering firm conveniently located outside of Chicago in Downers Grove. Through Tympani, clients leverage the experience of our consultants and the technical competencies of our engineers to confidently assess, upgrade, and deploy advanced IT Infrastructure, communication, and cloud technologies regardless of the consumption model.

Our consultative services, the core of our business, approaches the pain points of our clients in a comprehensive and holistic manner. Tympani engineers and Solutions Architects assess business unit needs and existing applications as well as budgetary and personnel restrictions to deliver personalized recommendations and consultative services. We act as a support and escalation resource for unique system issues or as an extension of our client’s in-house IT team. For companies throughout Chicago, we are a trusted ally in managing the challenges of day to day operations as well as navigating the complexity of new deployments.

Most of all, we help our clients to be confident in their IT decisions.

Q: What advantage does Tympani have over its competitors?

A: Time and time again, our clients remark at the refreshing difference between Tympani and most technology firms in the Chicago area. We understand that technology decisions are inherently risky, but they don’t have to be. At Tympani, our focus is to not only provide successful solutions to IT challenges that modern businesses have but also to deliver lasting confidence and peace of mind. To accomplish these goals, Tympani implements a three-pronged strategy: employ a team of the finest engineers available, use only proven processes and methodologies, and support our clients with a culture of honesty and transparency.

Most companies bring their strongest talent to the table — they’d be foolish not to. However, once the deal is made, some technology providers may rely on inexperienced engineers to actually deploy the solution. At Tympani, there is no B-team. More than 80% of Tympani engineers hold advanced certifications in their respective disciplines, and this highly-skilled team is assigned and dedicated to the client’s environment throughout the entire course of the project.

Yet, consistent excellence is as much a matter of process as it is talented engineers. The Tympani team functions as a well-oiled machine. We follow the same proven steps and strategies, adjusted to the unique needs of our client’s environment, to meet our high standards of success — every time.

Our last prong of our strategy is not something that can be explained; it must be experienced. To demonstrate our integrity, we encourage prospective clients to reach out to past customers, hear about the quality of service, and then come experience it for themselves. They quickly learn that Tympani won’t just tell them what they want to hear. Instead, we provide honest assessments, timely solutions, and definitive results.

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Q: You’ve recently achieved the Unified Contact Center Enterprise (ATP) status from Cisco, tell us something more?

A: Tympani was also selected as the Midwest Region Award Winner for the second year in a row at Cisco’s Partner Summit in April 2015.

We were honored with this distinction for our exemplary efforts in addressing the needs of the markets we serve. Cisco Partner Summit awards reflect the top-performing partners within specific technology markets across all geographical regions. All award recipients are selected by a group of Cisco Worldwide Partner Organization and regional executives.

But, we are not just a Cisco shop, nor do we just sell hardware. We focus on the business needs of a company to determine how technology can eliminate productivity bottle-necks and enable a 21st century workforce to remain competitive in an ever-shifting marketplace. Through our various certifications such as Tympani’s Cisco Gold Partner certification, VMware Premier Partner, Microsoft Silver Partner, and more, we will ensure that our clients receive the recommendations and resources they need to inform their technology strategy moving forward.

Our goal is for Tympani to be an extension of our client’s IT team and empower them to be more confident in their technology decisions.

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Q: Who is your ideal customer and why?

A: Our ideal customer is any company within the Midwest region looking for a consultative partner to help achieve their business goals through advanced technology. If they simply require hardware, we are happy to provide, but our true value is in our assessment and consultation services. We staff a team of highly skilled, highly certified professionals in every IT field. Whether applications and software-based technologies to infrastructure and everything in between, our engineers are able to assess the needs of a company as a whole and, from there, help the IT department find a cost-effective solution.

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Q: What can we expect from Tympani in 2016? What are your plans?

A: In 2016, Tympani plans to continue upholding our high standards of excellence. Throughout Chicago, our team will set to work addressing the needs of both our potential and existing clients with our managed services, consultative assessments, and strategy development services. We stand as an expert resource in the field of advanced technology, ready to guide our clients through their most difficult IT challenges.

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