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The World’s First, All-In-One Camera Equipped Smart-Lock Gate Raises $5M Series B Funding

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The world’s first, all-in-one camera equipped smart-lock Gate, founded in 2014, solves a modern homeowner’s problem: giving trusted and reliable home access to family, friends, and common household services and deliveries while the owner is away. Below is our recent interview with the Dariya Smailova, Head of Marketing at Gate Labs:

Dariya Smailova

Q: You’ve recently announced $5 Million in Series B funding round; could you tell us something more?

A: We are starting to ship Gate via retailers and Amazon. This round of financing will help us scale our sales channels and supply chains. We have also brought in a new CEO with vast experience in retail and direct to consumer channels.

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Gate?

A: Gate founders often moved to work, travel, and live busy lives. They didn’t always arrive home on time to let in the dry cleaning and laundry delivery company, the grocery and produce box delivery service, or the housekeeper. Many of their friends also expressed a need to give secure, verified access to their dog walker, or nanny, and to have the ability to see their children come home from school. They realized that it is not necessary to stay at home or struggle with multiple key copies to achieve a convenient modern lifestyle. That is when Gate was born.

With advanced academic degrees and experience in engineering and business, Gate founders applied their combined knowledge and experience towards solving this common problem.

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Q: What is Gate Smart Lock and how does it work?

A: Gate is the World’s first, all-in-one camera equipped smart-lock and designed for quick and easy DIY installation on most exterior standard doors 1-3/4” thick and most standard interior doors 1-1/2” thick. This all-in-one device includes a doorbell, a motion-activated camera, two-way audio, an LED keypad, built-in Wi-Fi…all powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. While GATE makes keys obsolete, the device can still be locked – unlocked the old fashion way…with a physical key.

Q: What advice do you have for early entrepreneurs who hope to scale up as quickly and successfully as you have?

A: My advice to early entrepreneurs is to have a vision for future and stick to that in all ups and downs of building their company. Building a new product or experience from scratch requires going through various stages of validation, prototyping, scaling and there will be learnings at each step. You need to keep an open mind and march through challenges with your team. It is important to have a team that is aligned with your long-term vision.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We plan to make in-home deliveries the new mainstream behavior. Imagin your home essentials are delivered inside your home or groceries appearing inside your fridge without you being home. This requires a robust platform with enough security checkpoints to enable this new customer experience. Gate team is the pioneer of this new experience, and we will make it mainstream in the next few years.

Last Updated on August 19, 2018

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