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Thexyz – Delivers Powerful Email Application For Both Business And Personal Users

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Thexyz Webmail is a powerful email application for both business and personal users. Designed mostly for business use with a domain name, you can also use Thexyz a domain from Thexyz. The application does not only handle email very well, it allows user sync and schedule appointments, set calendar reminders, invite groups of people to meetings and keep track of tasks and notes.

Below is our recent interview with Perry Toone, the Founder of Thexyz Inc:

Q: How would you describe Thexyz in your own words?

A: Thexyz is your IT team in the cloud and privacy focused email provider, built around secure email communications and backed by HIPPA compliance and 24 by 7 support. Thexyz has become known for withstanding various state sponsored distributed denial of service attacks over the pass 10 years.

Q: What does your typical client look like and what value does Thexyz add?

A: We typically work with businesses up to around 500 employees. We can manage services to larger companies but after around the 500 mark, a business usually employees an internal IT department. For many small businesses and individuals alike, Thexyz Support Team is the IT department. Whilst email is our core product offering, we also find ourselves helping SMB clients in other areas, such as; privacy, security and development.

Thexyz is great value for single users and small business, many competitors set minimum limits on how many accounts you must have. With Thexyz there are no minimums, no contracts and no fluctuating renewal fees. We have built Thexyz to be as open and transparent as possible.

Another value point for Thexyz is our hybrid solution. This allows companies or domain owners to have both Exchange and Premium Email accounts on the same domain. This has enabled some businesses to realize incredible cost savings by utilizing our email product.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your solutions?

A: Email is at the core an essential aspect to any business. So much so that without a strong email solution in place, can cause businesses to go out of business or suffer heavy legal fines. I have seen businesses go under for these very reasons. The reasons are also 100% preventable for just a few dollars a month. A major part of my job is to educate customers on the liability they could be exposed to and highlight just how critical email communications are. Spending a few dollars to protect against these threats with a solid archiving solution is really a no-brainer.

Q: What are some recent feature improvements?

A: As more of our users switch to Webmail as their go to email client, we have made a few improvements to Webmail that include recent addresses, a feature that automatically populates the email address when you being to type it. We’ve made Auto-Complete even better! Now you get auto-complete suggestions instantly as you type, which will save innumerable keystrokes over time. Auto-complete searches your contact data, recent addresses, and company directory so that you don’t have to remember your recipient’s full name or email address.

Cloud Drive for Webmail was also recently launched which adds 30GB of storage to MobileSync email accounts. This is a great way for users on the same domain to keep files secure and private while syncing a shared folder with a team.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: As the length of time data can be kept for is often governed by the laws and regulations of a local jurisdiction. One thing most jurisdictions share in common however is that you should only keep personal data for as long as is necessary. With GDPR around the corner we are working to self-certify with these laws internationally.

As an early adopter of both hardware and software two-factor authentication, we aim to continue our work to further integrate both these authentication methods into our platform in a seamless way as possible. Through our acquisition of YMOZ two years ago, we have partnered with large online retailers to leverage our discounts on Anti-Virus software. We now sell thousands of Anti-Viruses each and continue to grow in this space. In the next few months we will be launching SiteLock a comprehensive, cloud-based website security solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Also later this year you can expect to find G Suite and Office 365 available on our platform. While I have always been against using these services for business as we cannot provide the same level of support, uptime, security and privacy when data is hosted by Microsoft and Google. People are using these services and by offering them through Thexyz, users will be able to seamlessly migrate from O365, to Thexyz, to Exchange, to G Suite and back to Thexyz without setting up new admin accounts, new billing profiles or finding a third party to manage the migration. All that is handled in Thexyz Account Portal with just a few clicks.

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