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TM Agency – The First Female Led Tech Startup Consultancy In The UK

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TM Agency- Michelle Morton Banks

If you know who’s who on the UK tech scene then you are bound to have come across Michelle Morton Banks, founder of TM Agency; a boutique tech startup consultancy with an unusual social twist.

Michelle Morton BanksTM Agency is the first female led tech consultancy in the UK, with Michelle’s entrepreneurial background meaning that she is perfectly positioned to lead this type of business in a tough space.

Michelle and her team provide UK-based support and consultancy to globally spread tech startups. This enables them to benefit from TM Agency’s combined years of experience and proven techniques in Business Development, Sales and Marketing. Raised in a multi cultural environment and a British woman of Hungarian descent, Michelle understands the delicacy of working with cultural differences.

One familiar problem for many startupsis that they will often need high value support from big consulting firms without being able to always afford the fees. This means that at the forefront of everything TM Agency stands for is the need to make their offering more affordable than those of the Big 4 consulting firms.

Tech startups need the knowledge and support that TM Agency provides. The rate of failure in tech business startups is high; typically ≈ 75% of tech startup businesses don’t continue to trade past their first year. The premium consultancy offered by TM Agency bucks this trend, and the tech startups that receive the unparalleled support from Michelle and her team universally go on to succeed.

Alongside the premium consultancy service, you may remember that we mentioned a social twist; the company has a two pronged focus and serves to not only help tech startups grow and succeed but also offers talented, young unemployed people the opportunity to get started in the tech industry.

With full support and coaching from Michelle and her experienced senior management team, thesemotivated young individuals, who have shown an aptitude for a career in technology, are taught how to implement the sales and marketing plans that TM Agency develop.

This allows the startups to benefit from a dedicated, motivated account manager who is fully supported and mentored by an experienced team, at an affordable cost.

Sounds perfect doesn’t it? TM Agency are revolutionising the way that the tech startup consultancy world is run and are givingstartups from around the world the opportunity to launch in the UK without a prohibitive amount of time or investment.

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Kerrie Rycroft
Written by: Kerrie Rycroft;

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