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Tobiko Data Launches Modern Data Platform With $21.8M Funding

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Tobiko Data has launched a modern data platform with $21.8 million in funding, aiming to enhance data transformation processes for businesses of all sizes. Their innovative tools, SQLMesh and SQLGlot, streamline data workflows and improve productivity. Backed by prominent investors, Tobiko Data is poised to set new standards in the data industry.

Tobiko Data’s Ambitious Launch

Tobiko Data is making headlines with its recent launch of a modern data platform, backed by a substantial $21.8 million in funding. This funding is split between a $4.5 million seed round and a $17.3 million Series A round. The company’s founders, Tyson and Toby Mao, along with Iaroslav Zeigerman, bring diverse and impressive backgrounds to the table, having worked at tech giants like Apple, Airbnb, Google, and Netflix. Their unique experiences and insights are key to Tobiko Data’s innovative approach to data transformation.

Founders’ Journey from Entertainment to Data Engineering

Tyson and Toby Mao have an unconventional yet fascinating background. Tyson Mao gained public attention through his appearance on “Beauty and the Geek,” while Toby Mao is renowned in the speedcubing community, with both brothers holding world records in the past. Their transition from entertainment to tech leadership is marked by their significant contributions to major tech firms.

At Airbnb, Toby led the Minerva project, an internal metrics semantic layer. This experience highlighted the transformative power of data capabilities. Partnering with Iaroslav Zeigerman, whom Tyson met at Netflix, the trio embarked on creating Tobiko Data, driven by their collective expertise and passion for data engineering.

The Need for Modern Data Platforms

Tobiko Data aims to address the critical needs of modern data transformation. The current landscape features tools like dbt, which, while popular, are not always suitable for every company. Tobiko Data seeks to fill this gap by providing a versatile platform that caters to businesses of all sizes, including large enterprises.

The company’s mission is to simplify the journey from raw data to business value, making the process more efficient and accessible. Tobiko Data’s platform is designed to work seamlessly with existing systems, offering a robust solution for data teams looking to enhance their workflows.

Unpacking Tobiko’s Innovative Technology

At the heart of Tobiko’s platform are two core technologies: SQLMesh and SQLGlot. SQLMesh is an open-source tool that allows developers to build data pipelines with integrated tools for transformation, testing, and collaboration. SQLGlot, developed by Toby Mao during his time at Airbnb, enhances SQLMesh by providing advanced SQL understanding capabilities.

These tools collectively enable features like syntax checking on SQL queries before they are sent to the database, categorization and tracking of changes in the development process, and identification of potential issues. This comprehensive approach significantly boosts engineering productivity and ensures the reliability of data transformations.

Tobiko Data’s platform also introduces “virtual data environments,” allowing developers to create and reuse environments for different projects. This feature enhances flexibility and efficiency in the development phase, making it easier to manage and execute data projects.

Transforming Data Engineering Across Industries

Tobiko Data is already making an impact across various industries. Its platform is being adopted by a diverse range of customers, including some unicorn startups. These early adopters report significant improvements in their data engineering processes, thanks to Tobiko’s innovative tools and technologies.

The platform’s compatibility with dbt allows existing dbt users to transition smoothly, bringing their applications to Tobiko’s service. This compatibility, combined with the platform’s advanced features, positions Tobiko Data as a game-changer in the field of data transformation.

The company’s approach is not just about offering a new tool but about enhancing the entire data workflow, making it more efficient and scalable. By addressing the limitations of existing solutions, Tobiko Data is setting new standards for the industry.

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Backers Who Believe in Tobiko’s Vision

Tobiko Data’s journey is significantly bolstered by its strong backing from prominent investors. Theory Ventures, 20Sales, Fivetran CEO George Fraser, Census CEO Boris Jabes, and MotherDuck CEO Jordan Tigani have all invested in Tobiko Data. Their support is not only financial but also indicative of their confidence in Tobiko’s potential to transform data engineering.

These investors bring a wealth of industry knowledge and strategic insights, further validating Tobiko’s approach and technology. Their involvement underscores the importance of Tobiko’s mission and the significant impact its platform is expected to have on the data industry.

What’s Next for Tobiko Data?

As Tobiko Data continues to grow, it has ambitious plans for the future. The company is focused on expanding its platform’s capabilities, adding new features, and improving existing ones to better serve its users. Upcoming developments include enhanced tools for data transformation, more intuitive interfaces, and expanded support for various data environments.

Tobiko Data is also exploring new markets and applications for its technology. By targeting a broader range of industries and use cases, the company aims to establish itself as a leading player in the data transformation space. Its long-term vision includes not only scaling its operations but also continuously innovating to stay ahead of industry trends and challenges.

Redefining Data Workflows for the Future

Tobiko Data is at the forefront of redefining how businesses handle data workflows. By providing a robust, scalable, and user-friendly platform, the company is enabling organizations to unlock greater value from their data. Tobiko’s tools streamline the data transformation process, making it more efficient and less error-prone.

The broader implications of Tobiko’s work extend beyond just data engineering teams. As businesses increasingly rely on data to drive decision-making, platforms like Tobiko Data become essential. They not only enhance productivity but also ensure that data is accurate, reliable, and actionable.

Tobiko Data’s innovative approach is setting new benchmarks in the industry. By addressing the limitations of existing tools and offering a comprehensive solution for data transformation, Tobiko is paving the way for a future where data workflows are more integrated, efficient, and effective. The company’s continued focus on innovation and scalability ensures that it will remain a key player in the evolving landscape of data technology.

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