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Topbox Is Pioneering Customer Touchpoint Intelligence And Uncovering Critical Insights Through Omnichannel Data Analysis

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Think about all the ways buyers and customers interact with a company – phone, chat, email, surveys, product reviews, apps, social media, and more. Each of those interactions contains invaluable feedback for the company about its products, services and support. Topbox’s omnichannel customer touchpoint intelligence software provides its clients with the ability to synthesize that mountain of unstructured data and extract critical insights that can help identify and resolve the friction points in the buyer and customer experience. By eliminating those friction points, their clients benefit from improved revenue, lower churn and optimized operational efficiencies.

Below is our interview with Chris Tranquill, CEO & Co-Founder of Topbox:


Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: First, we firmly believe that we’ve built the best user interface in the market. Our clients can interact with all their data across every channel with one intuitive, elegant application. The overarching data set includes both unstructured data (conversational, verbatim, etc.) and structured data (channel ID, customer ID, date/time, duration, geo info, survey or review scores, etc.) which allows our client to conduct powerful analysis quickly and seamlessly. Our solution’s ability to synthesize disparate data from multiple sources is a real differentiator.

Next, we’re big believers in data democratization. Pushing analysis and insights out to the people in marketing, product design, dot com, billing, logistics, field service and contact centers is absolutely essential. That’s where real change is going to happen. Nobody can identify and react to opportunities faster than the teams who are responsible for those functional areas. We have an unlimited user model and some unique ways of presenting data, which ensures that we can get the right data to the right people.

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Q: You’ve recently secured additional funding from Flyover Capital; could you tell us something more?

A: That funding gives us the runway we need to grow revenue and continue to develop our software. That’s important because we have a full plate of implementations and strong pipeline of prospects. We need to grow our dev team to accommodate the onboarding of new clients while we’re adding new features and functionality. Our client base has come to expect a certain cadence of enhancements to our SaaS solution. It’s imperative that we meet that expectation and deliver our most innovative new features in a timely manner.

Q: What makes you the best choice?

A: There are many point solutions out there for the different channels, each with their own reporting and analytic tools. What makes Topbox so different is the fact that our app sits on top of the entire customer experience ecosystem. We’re technology agnostic, so it doesn’t matter which vendors our clients use to collect the call recordings, chats, emails, surveys or reviews. We’re able to ingest all of that data regardless of the source, and give our clients one seamless view into that data set for deep analysis. That was the vision when Jeff Yentis, Brian Timmons and I founded Topbox. It was a clear gap in the market, and we think we’ve got the right solution.

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Q: What can we expect from Topbox in the future?

A: More machine learning and AI. Through the work that we’ve been doing with our current clients, we’ve amassed data from millions of interactions of all types and from across all industries. We’re developing algorithms that will allow us to accelerate the automation and accuracy of our classification process. Simply put, 100% of our focus is delivering impactful insights to our clients with little to no effort on their behalf. ML and AI allow us to do that. We have some incredibly talented people on our team who are like kids in a candy store with all the data that we have.

Some of the best-known brands in the world are getting insights from Topbox. They clearly like what we have today, but they’ll love where we’re going in the near future.

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