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TrackR Creates Reliable Solutions To Help You Quickly Find Lost Items, While Simultaneously Growing Its Global Community

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People can use the TrackR app on their smartphone to find just about anything you might lose: keys, wallet, purse, laptop, and whatever else is important to them. TrackR is also built into products from leading brands like Amazon, DoCoMo, Cross Pens and more. For example, their works with TrackR program develops partnerships to bring tracking capability to a wide range of innovative products – and expands TrackR’s Crowd Locate network. Since 2009, TrackR’s app software, cloud databases and Item Trackers have revolutionized how consumers keep track of their keys and all their items, so they can effortlessly manage everything with one simple app.

Below is our interview with Christian Johan Smith, President and Co-founder of TrackR:


Q: You’ve recently announced $50 Million in Series B funding; could you tell us more about this?

A: Our recent $50 million in Series B funding was led by Steve Murray at Revolution Growth, with Foundry Group, Amazon Alexa Fund, DoCoMo Capital, The Glenmede Trust, and Bespoke Strategies also joining the round. Prior to its Series B, we have raised over $10 million from Foundry Group, Resolute Ventures, IncWell Capital, Orange Fab, Amazon Alexa Fund, and prominent angel investors.

With this round of funding, we plan on continuing our mission to redefine personal organization.The capital will also aid our goal to create reliable solutions that quickly find lost items, while simultaneously growing our global community of users.

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Q: Could you please tell us about TrackR’s history?

A: One day while surfing, me and the other TrackR Co-founder, Chris Herbert, were faced the terrifying situation of losing his set of car keys at the beach. The rising tide crept closer and closer to washing away Chris’s car parked in the sand. After hours of panic, and a bit of luck, we recovered Chris’ car keys and saved the car. After this stressful experience, we decided to set out to end the search for lost items forever.

TrackR was founded in 2009 to make lost items a thing of the past. Ours app software, cloud databases and wireless devices revolutionize how consumers keep track of their items. To this day we have shipped more than 4.5 million devices and helps customers find over 1.2 million items per day.

Q: What kind of products are you offering to your clients and how are they different from one another, in short?

A: The TrackR family of products keeps growing, with durable and attractive item trackers that are small enough to attach to anything. For example, TrackR bravo is a coin-sized device you attach to any item, rings when activated, while TrackR pixel is a small, lightweight device that you attach to any item, rings and lights up when activated. TrackR’s robust platform allows you to create your own network of instantly searchable and shareable items. Integration with voice search – like Amazon Alexa-enabled devices – adds value immediately.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: TrackR has experienced massive growth over the last two years, as seen by our recent $50 million Series B funding round and placement at #45 on this year’s Inc. 5000 list for scaling revenue growth. We have secured an executive team with years of experience developing strategies that take companies from ‘standard’ to billion dollar industry leaders, and we are excited to see what the future holds.

There are lots of finder gadgets out there, but we are focused on building a platform. The TrackR platform lets consumers create their own network of instantly searchable and shareable items — eventually building a community of collaborative searchers.

Last Updated on April 22, 2018

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