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Tradespoon Aims To Truly Democratize FinTech By Empowering The Average Investor With Advanced Technology

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Tradespoon’s proprietary technology predicts stock prices by using an array of advanced methods to analyze large data sets. Tradespoon’s system constantly teaches itself to apply the best methods to evaluate sets of data, and lift patterns out of noise. Below is our interview with Brian Smith, Marketing & Client Relations Specialist at Tradespoon:

Brian Smith

Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of Tradespoon’s platform?

A: Tradespoon’s proprietary technology uses an array of advanced methods to analyze large, chaotic data sets. At the core of our platform is an artificial neural network that tests against its own predictions. In short, our system constantly teaches itself to apply the best methods to evaluate sets of data, and lift patterns out of noise.

The ability to see real-time predictions for support and resistance of a stock or ETF is unmatched. We also provide proprietary equity research which includes detailed seasonal charts and probability calculations for our predictions.

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Q: What is Tradespoon’s philosophy?

A: Our philosophy is simply this: we want to truly democratize FinTech by empowering the average investor with advanced technology and build a self-sufficient community of traders. There is a growing group of self-directed traders who are hungry for institutional-grade technology. Our goals are to meet those needs while making the experience intuitive and transparent.

Q: Could you tell us more about your pricing plans?

A: We have four levels of membership- Free, Stock Forecast Toolbox, Tools and Premium.

Our Free membership plan is a great way for novice traders to get up to speed. We provide extensive educational content- from the basics of trading to advanced options strategies and more. We also run live webinar series which are archived to review.

The Stock Forecast Toolbox membership plan is our flagship product suite. Here you can generate intraday, short-term and long-term predictions for virtually any stock or ETF.

The Tools membership is a robust collection that build upon the Stock Forecast Toolbox. This includes a Forex Forecast Toolbox which delivers intraday, short-term and long-term predictions for currency pairs. There is a suite of Trade Ideas tools where you can set your own criteria to generate stock recommendations and strategies that fit your trading plan.

The Premium membership includes all we have to offer. Exclusive to this plan is our Expert Picks service and our Live Trading Room. With Expert Picks, users receive stock picks with options strategies, and can monitor the performance of open working orders. The Live Trading Room sessions are intensive, interactive events where users can see our financial team using Tradespoon’s technology.

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Q: How does your technology differ from other platforms?

A: Most retail investment technology services use traditional technical analysis, composed of simple mathematical formulas, standard deviations, and general statistical formulas. These formulas are applied to elaborate real-time data structures but fail to offer the user a true edge. Making sense of this data requires living, breathing mechanisms that can self-learn in real time. This is why we use artificial neural networks to back-test against its own algorithms and adapt to the volatility of the markets.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Tradespoon?

A: We’re all about transparency; we release performance data on all of our recommendations and Live Trading Room sessions, without cherry-picking top performers.

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