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Travefy – The Easiest Mobile Group Travel Planner!

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Travefy radically simplifies group travel planning. Through Travefy groups can collaborate on trip details, build rich itineraries, and collect shared expenses so no one is stuck with the bill. Travefy has recently announced $1.8 Million in new funding. Here is our recent interview with David Chait, Travefy’s Co-Founder and CEO:

David Chait - TravefyQ: Tell us how you founded the company, and what made you decide to jump in and create the business?

A: The saying “necessity is the mother of all invention” exists for good reason and is really the reason Travefy exists today. Travefy was founded out of my own frustrations with the group travel planning process.

While in business school a particularly painful experience coordinating a bachelor party led me on the hunt for a group trip planner. While I found great single-dimensional tools, nothing comprehensive existed. The results of my search was the birth of Travefy.

Looking back, the funny thing is there was never actually a clear “decision” moment to jump in and create the business. It was escalating commitment as I explored and tested within the group travel space, then started building solutions, etc. At a certain point you look back and realize what you’re doing has legs and in fact is a company and a business.


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Q: How did the Travefy team meet and what were you doing before this venture?

A: Chris Davis – my Co-Founder and Travefy’s CTO – and I met through a mutual friend who also helped out in Travefy’s earliest days. He connected us based on our shared passion for problem solving and vision for what Travefy could become. In fact, at the time Chris and I lived half a country apart (in Nebraska and New York respectively), but when it’s right, it’s right.

Before starting Travefy I had experiences as a consultant at McKinsey & Company, as Senior Policy Advisor at the U.S. Small Business Administration, and as noted above I was in business school (at Columbia) at the time I started Travefy. Chris had previously worked at Hudl and Neebo.


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Q: What are Travefy key features?

A: Travefy solves all of the coordination headaches of group travel! Through Travefy groups can collaborate on trip details, build rich itineraries, and collect shared expenses so no one is stuck with the bill. Among our myriad of features, fan favorites are Travefy’s itinerary builder and expense manager.

With Travefy’s itinerary builder, users can create a beautiful, organized itinerary within minutes. They can add places from Travefy’s database of over 8 million activities, restaurants and accommodations as well as import any existing bookings. Itineraries are visible to everyone on the trip and shareable versions can be sent to friends and family or posted on social media.

Travefy’s expense manager simplifies all of the hassles involved with group payments. Users can track trip costs with friends and collect money from the group before or after the trip.


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Q: You’ve recently announced $1.8 million in new funding, what are your plans?

A: We’re very excited about our recently announced new round of funding. This $1.8 million raised over the past six-months will help us accelerate expansion and innovation.

Moreover, we’re thrilled that Travel and Transport – the 5th largest travel management company in the United States – made a strategic investment in Travefy. Their experience and insights are invaluable.

With this funding Travefy will focus on continued product innovation and the commercialization of Travefy’s software including the addition of new team members on both the product and sales and marketing teams.

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