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Trialfire – Web Analytics As It Should Be!

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Startup Trialfire provides detailed analytics and tracking of what people do on your websites and apps. Below is recent interview with Michael Lieberman Co-Founder and CEO of Toronto based startup Trialfire:

Q: How would you describe Trialfire?

A: Trialfire lets anyone easily add behavior tracking capabilities to their website or application. Tracking behaviors goes much deeper than simply measuring page views – it gives insight into what people are doing while on the pages. Most companies already track page-views because its fairly easy. Tracking customer behaviors on the other hand, (ie. which button was clicked, which options were selected, which tabs were opened) is much more involved and has traditionally required the addition of custom code throughout the website or application.


What we do at Trialfire is make adding the ability to track behaviors – or custom events – just as easy as tracking page-views. Our technology lets marketers, product mangers, UX designers and other non technical people add behavior tracking capabilities by simply clicking through their website in the same way their visitors or users do. It then automatically sends what is collected to Google Analytics, Mixpanel, KISSmetrics and other business systems.


Q: How would you present Trialfire team?

A: Trialfire was founded by Max Kremer and myself. We started working together at the last company we founded, which was acquired by Autodesk. It was our personal experiences that drove us to build Trialfire. It didn’t matter if we were in a scrappy little startup, or part of a huge enterprise, tracking user behavior requires technical know-how and it has always been very difficult to divert engineering resources from core product development.

Q: Could you tell us more about your pricing?

A: We have startup through enterprise pricing based on 1) the number of events we deliver from your site to your connected services, and 2) which services you need to connect to.

Q: What is your growth and marketing plan?

A: We’re currently phasing in new accounts while we’re in beta. We’ve had great interest because I think that Trialfire solves a really big problem that many companies struggle with. Moving forward we will be adding many new connectors to third party services. Because we make it so easy to track user behavior, companies can get more value from services they use – whether its their analytics, marketing automation, customer success, personalization or other services.

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