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Tricentis – Automated Enterprise End-To-End Software Testing Solutions

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Tricentis provides automated enterprise software testing solutions for mobile and web applications through its integrated Tosca Testsuite. Tricentis’ unique model-based approach to software test automation enables organizations to achieve unprecedented automation rates and in same time maximize business risk coverage. Below is our recent interview with Franz Fuchsberger, Tricentis‘ Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer:

Franz-Fuchsberger Tricentis

Q: Franz, tell us something more about Tricentis and core competence?

A: The core competence of our company is the functional software test as a whole. This is what we have been focusing from the very beginning on and where we have built tremendous knowledge, developed thought leadership, educated a large number of very talented and highly skilled/knowledgeable people and all that has “materialized” in our Tosca Testsuite.

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Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of Tricentis Tosca Testsuite?

A: Tosca is not just a solution that has functional superiority over other tools on the market in order to achieve higher test automation. Tosca’s disruptive approach is an enabler for optimized processes in the area of functional tests. By optimized processes we mean the ability to:

· directly address the effectiveness of the functional test by implementing “easy to use and adopt” methodologies that result in the design of only those test cases that are required to achieve the desired risk coverage of the various test case portfolios (massive reduction of number of test cases while achieving tangible risk coverage of 90+%)

· implement highly effective and automated processes in the digital DEV-TEST-DEPLOYMENT organizations that enable real “continuous testing” as it is required in our agile- and DevOps driven world

· utilize/enable manual testers (majority of testers) to become the automation experts who achieve automation rates of 85+% due to it’s unique “model based test automation approach” – again a key requirement to deliver on the DevOps promise

· simulate/virtualize services, applications or backend systems that are not available in the test environment or would require very high infrastructure investments to provide. This works not just for the virtualization of simple synchronous request-/response pairs but also for highly complex scenarios where several systems communicate in an asynchronous manner. This helps the test teams achieve highest automation rates and maintain independence from other department and to avoid high investments in infrastructure

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The above listed bullets become possible by the following core functionality of Tosca:

o Tosca Optimize -> extends risk based testing by allowing to “find/detect” exactly those test cases/data constellations that are required to cover the desired risk coverage of an Epic/Story or a Use Case etc. That leads to highly effective test cases regarding risk coverage while making sure that the total number of required test cases represents the minimum number of required test cases

o Tosca’s Model based test automation -> Tosca’s unique automation approach that enables/empowers testers w/o programming or scripting skills to become automation experts and achieve unprecedented automation results

o Tosca’s Test Data Provisioning -> fully integrated test data design, generation, management and provisioning functionality that allows test teams to NOT require production data for testing purposes. This works for all aspects of the functional test and even in the most demanding areas (e.g. banking, logistics…)

o Tosca Virtualize -> the fully integrated “Orchestrated Service Virtualization” (OSV) allows test teams to easily and quickly “simulate”/virtualize systems that are not available in the test environment but required for E2E- or system integration tests. The core strength of OSV is that “non-technical” testers can easily simulate services/scenarios where different systems communicate asynchronously with each other. It helps test departments to act highly independent and avoid very high investment in infrastructure (providing of systems for the test environment)

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Q: What is Tricentis Accelerate 2015? What are main benefits for participants?

A: Accelerate is our annual conference where Tricentis presents the latest about Tosca Testsuite, Best Practices and its own development as a company and achievements on the market. Import product announcements are being made and the company’s strategy and direction is shared.

We expect 300 attendees from all over the world to meet and speak with experts of Tricentis and our partners and get the latest of Tosca and Tricentis. The benefits are the ability to watch highly relevant presentations from our customers who present their testing challenges and developed solutions. Also there are highly relevant presentation/speeches of our partner and Tricentis experts. Meeting with peers for all geographies to exchange experience and network are additional benefits.

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