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Unique IT Pro – One Stop Shop For ALL Your IT Needs

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Below is our recent interview with Daniel Velez, Chief Executive Officer at Unique IT Pro:

Q: Who you are? Can you tell us something more about your company?

A: We are full-service tech management company providing cybersecurity, connectivity, and operations solutions for businesses and offices, including:

  • Computer repairs and upgrades
  • Wired and Wireless network upgrades and management
  • Cybersecurity protection and planning
  • Web design and hosting
  • Telecommunications (phones systems, internet connectivity)
  • B2B and B2C consulting services

At our genesis, Unique IT Pro was about providing better technical customer service to businesses and consumers. We offer a wide range of tailored IT services. We can do everything starting from our foundation rooted in tech support and regular classical break-fix, up through our current focus and expertise in cybersecurity.

In short, we are a one stop shop for ALL your IT needs:

When it comes to our services:

What sets us apart is that we can personalize our services and help our customers build their own technical currency. We will work with one individual’s home computer starting with protection and maintaining support including updates and managing a lifecycle system. We advise the customer on when is time to redo the warrantee or when it is time to replace or upgrade the operating system. This tailored service is available for any device such as an iPad or tablet. We are available for any technical assistance the customer needs and we can scale that personalized service broadly to corporate operations.

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Sometimes I say we are small enough to care but good enough to scale. If the person were CEO of a business, that could be our point of contact to helping them with their business, with helping them setup email or securing the computers at their business.

What is unique is that every customer of ours is unique in their own way and we are just the professionals that are going to handle their IT. That is the play on the name of the company. That was our mission over ten years ago and that is how I explain it. We are unique because every customer we support is unique.

Q: What’s next for your company?

A: We are expanding because there is a lack of skill in the industry, not only tech skills but mostly for cybersecurity and the market demands it. We have partnered with a Coding school that focus on helping the community. They want to break down the barriers as a career in Tech should be based on potential, not privilege. This allows anybody in the community who wants to learn technical skills to have the opportunity to. The way they are doing it is that you can take the course and not pay tuition until you are placed in a job, so that will really help the community whether it is somebody trying to change career paths or if they are just coming out of high school and they want to jump right into learning a trade and getting into the working field. I think this is great and I am going to be involved with everything they do from a cybersecurity standpoint. This was a prospect that resonates with me, and I am excited about the opportunity to share my knowledge and skill set through such an innovative and community-oriented initiative.

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Q: What is the best part about your company?

A: We are unique, and we curate an amalgam of solutions and then we use the framework to build resilience. At the end of the day, we care about our customers. We consider ourselves the best in keeping them and their businesses running efficiently and protected. We are an intimate IT company that is going to grow with them, teaching them IT skills to protect themselves yet not letting it eat up their time. We will explain issues to you to help them understand and grow their knowledge, but they can take comfort in letting us handle it at the same time. We can calibrate from individual home-based supports to the highly technical largescale corporate environments. As we say Unique IT Pro supports people with all their technology needs.

On the flip side we have done some things with YMCA, and donated equipment to Good Will. As well as Sponsored events put on by Sparc in NY, we will continue to find ways to help underserved communities with the digital divide because When I was growing up, I could barely get a computer. It wasn’t until I went to the trade school myself using scholarship funding that I was able to get a computer into my house. I was the first one to bring one in and for all my cousins and family members, it was a big thing. I think about that and today most everyone seems to have a cell phone that is more powerful than the computer I brought home. There are still barriers that can be broken.

When I look at some of the underserved, low-income communities like where I grew up, I see young kids that idolize people in the music or sports industry, but I think they should look at technology as a way to break barriers and create opportunities for themselves and their families. That is why I always think about that one computer that someone might say is old and not good enough, but you could give it to a kid, and he could learn how to program and create something great.

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