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Urbo Platform Provides Real Time Communication Between Businesses And Consumers

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

UrboLabs is a company behind the mobile platform called Urbo that offers real time communication between businesses and consumers in real time with nearly 100% relevancy. Below is our recent interview with Arthur Guberman, the Founder of UrboLabs:

Q: Could you provide our readers with brief introduction to UrboLabs?

A: Urbo users fully control the communication flow by reconstructing their real world virtually and retaining complete control over which businesses they would like to receive promotions from. Whether it is a favorite restaurant, pharmacy, doctor’s office, retail store, bank, school, or any other entity with a physical address – Urbo covers it. This user initiated communication approach significantly increases communication relevancy while shifting control over content back to the businesses, which stands in direct contrast to all other platforms where content is driven by marketing and data analytics that heavily rely on user data.

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Q: Can you give us insides into your features?

A: There are number of features that separate us from the competition. An ability to reconstruct individual user’s real world virtually on Urbo’s platform is certainly the biggest differentiator. While it almost feels like a game, in reality it is extremely powerful tool that hands control over communication back to users of the platform and allows for consolidation of highly relevant information in one place. This feature also allows on demand communication channel to new and existing customers, which is especially important to small businesses that struggle to compete with online competition and simply cannot afford development and marketing costs of proprietary mobile applications.

Our loyalty and rewards features that allow users to earn money while performing everyday tasks like walking into their favorite businesses, sharing new and exciting deals with their friends and being able to easily redeem rewards are only among the features that separate us from the competition.

Q: Why do we need to change the way we shop and interact with favorite businesses?

A: That is a very important question. Consumers are now inundated with often irrelevant deals and promotions, which is a result of fierce competition and platforms that are geared more towards social media than communication. Traditional marketing techniques like email blasts are not only becoming less effective, but also do not solve immediate problems businesses face every day. What does a restaurant owner do if business is slow during lunch? Or a doctor when an appointment gets cancelled? There is simply nothing out there that would allow small business owners to communicate effectively with the audience that is actually interested to hear from that business with close to 100% relevancy and in real time. Urbo solves this problem by passing control over communication flow back to the consumer, reducing noise, increasing communication relevancy and effectiveness, combining multiple features in one app, rewarding users for performing daily tasks, and much more. The fact that Urbo offers all these benefits for consumers while saving businesses time, money, and increasing revenue makes it a very attractive platform for both business and consumers.

Q: How do businesses benefit from joining Urbo platform?

A: Businesses gain number of advantages by joining Urbo. The most obvious is on demand direct line of communication with their customers, ability to reach new customers, brand loyalty program and innovative rewards functionality that increases traffic in their locations. Businesses also gain mobile presence without the need to build their own mobile app. All of that allows businesses to compete more effectively, reduce customer acquisition cost, increase sales and customer loyalty.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are innovating every step of the way with a number of patents already filed. We see Urbo as a universal consolidated platform for highly relevant interactions between users and the world around them. Schools communicating with parents and students, sport teams communicating with fans, doctors with patients, retailers with customers, the list goes on and on. Introduction of a secure digital payment system on the platform is another area of focus for us as the world makes the move to alternate methods of payments.

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