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UruIT: Cutting Edge Software Solutions For Leading Product Companies

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UruIT develops cutting edge solutions for leading product companies, with stunning UX and agile methodologies. UruIT is a key player in the Latin American IT industry promoting and contributing to the excellence in nearshore development services since 2007. Below is our interview with Marcelo Lopez, CEO of UruIT:


Q: Marcelo, tell us something more about UruIT’s services?

A: Since it was founded in 2007 UruIT has been distinguished from the traditional IT service companies and chosen over its competitors, especially for its modern approach in software development methodologies and the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

At UruIT we help our partners build software products that make their business more valuable and improve their bottom line, with great UX and scalability. That, plus the seniority, expertise and passion we incorporate into their existing teams make us a smart choice that later turns into a long term and stable partner.

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Q: How does UruIT stands out among Latin American nearshore providers?

A: Some of our clients tell us working with UruIT feels like working with a Silicon Valley dev shop, because we keep ourselves updated on an ongoing basis and we use the same tools and good practices they do.
Our deep level of experience and expertise in Front-end development, mastering MEAN and Microsoft stacks is also a great differentiator.

• Agile maturity
More than 40% of our staff is certified in Scrum by the Scrum Alliance. We also offer in-house training thanks to our Agile Adoption Team, Agile Academy and Agile Manager dedicated role.

• World class Senior talent
We’ve built a team of UX/UI design experts,Agile certified professionals and developers, 80% of them being Software Engineers, passionate about continuous delivery, automation, best practices and with great coding skills.

We use a thorough recruiting process based on recommendations and technical tests in order to assemble
smart, proactive and very agile teams.

• Location & time-zone advantages
Having offices in Uruguay and Colombia we provide our US based-clients with the benefit of a convenient time zone and geographic proximity. Both are key for agile development and allow us to easily travel as needed, spending time at one another’s facilities to gain understanding of the business needs.

• Culture & Communication
We count with a great cultural affinity and English fluency among all team members which is an advantage that plays into team cohesiveness and increases the understanding of business requirements. Excellent internet connectivity, video conference systems and use of state of the art collaboration tools, is also a must to run agile projects,

• Expertise in product development
We’ve developed our own products, which are sold and used by globally known organizations like Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics.It means we understand the challenges to be faced when building a product and that allow us to help our partners overcome theirs. We offer them dedicated teams,focused in designing outstanding solutions thanks to our business knowledge, UX analysis, front-end expertise and the adoption of Devops practices.

UruIT  web and mobile app development

Q: What kind of clients reach out to UruIT for their web and mobile app development?

A: UruIT’s clients are typically established product companies based in the US, who are looking to be the leader in their niche and industry.

We have experience in a wide range of SaaS and digital products, human resources and talent management, e-learning, real estate, market research, to name a few.

Our partners choose us because we help them build value fast, we keep their bottom line in mind and find the best ways to shorten their time to market and keep their budget under control.

Q: What can we expect from UruIT in 2016?

A: We have some big plans in the works!

UruIT’s plans for 2016 not only involve continue growing in size but also in capabilities. We opened new offices in Medellin and we’ll continue investing on UX/UI, improving our skills on mobile, both with Xamarin and native.

We continue betting on Front end development and keep actively involved in the tech community. This year we are sponsoring the world’s greatest AngularJS conference in Utah, taking part of the Annual Latin American Conference on Agile methodologies and, hosting meetups and open spaces.

With new offices in Colombia 2016 will be a year of much more travel and engagement for UruIT and its partners.

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Q: Why expanding to Colombia?

A: We were planning to expand and we started analyzing different options, we wanted to find a city with potential and similar to our headquarter city Montevideo. Medellin, strongly backed by its government investment in technology and innovation, proved to be a promising location, growing to become the largest technology district in Latin America.

Both cities, Montevideo and Medellin are well known for offering a high quality of life and having a strong focus on education. Montevideo pioneered the development of the IT sector in Latin America with the opening of IT related University careers in the 60’s and the education system keeps progressing lively. Medellin currently counts with more than 40 higher education institutions and 3000+ current IT bilingual undergrad students.

With offices in both countries, UruIT’s US based clients will benefit not only from cultural alignment and top talent but with a very close geographic location.

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