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Vidtok – Live Video Chat On Your Website Or App In Just A Few Simple Steps!

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Vidtok allows you to add live video chat to your app or website in just a few simple steps. Here is recent interview with Lantre Barr CEO of Blacc Spot Media – creators of Vidtok:


Q: Tell us something more about Vidtok?

A: Vidtok is a Software as a Service (SAAS) platform that allows anyone to add live video chat to their website or application. Our platform was created to bridge the gap between the technical challenges to that everyday users face when wanting to integrate live video onto their website or application. Vidtok has created a simple solution that allows users to add live video chat to their website in a few simple steps.

Q: What was technically the most challenging part of developing Vidtok?

A: Vidtok is developed using a new technology called Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC). One of the most challenging parts of working with WebRTC is the fact that it doesn’t work natively with Internet Explorer and Safari. Working around this issue forced us to think outside the box.


Q: Tell us something about Vidtok features? What is your favorite feature?

A: The new Vidtok is built utilizing WebRTC for high def audio/video and allows you to select from three options to add live video chat to your website.

– Overlay: In overlay mode our system will lay on top of your current website with the option to collapse to widget mode.

– Embedded: Embed mode allows you to inject directly into your current user flow by attaching to a div element placed in your code.

– Widget: Our widget mode provides the ability to live video chat while also giving you direct access to content on your webpage with option to expand to overlay mode.

We have developed a WordPress plugin with simple shortcodes to help integrate easily for our customers with more platforms to follow.

Our favorite feature is the ability to start in overlay mode and then collapse to widget mode without the need of having to reconnect to the session. We sit and play with that function all the time.


Q: Are you looking for partnership opportunities?

A: As far as partnerships we are always looking for ways to penetrate into different markets. Strategic partnerships are always great, we are open to any that make sense.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We have a product roadmap to include many new services such as vid (agent) where users can have live video chats with customer service representatives. The representatives will have the ability to share a co-browsing experience with the user offering greater customer service. We also have plans on improving on this iteration of Vidtok adding the ability for a full screen mode that is responsive.

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