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VirtualPBX Drives Innovation In IP Communications

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VirtualPBX is a communications service provider that pioneered hosted (also referred to as virtual or cloud) private branch exchange (PBX) technology. VirtualPBX products include hosted VoIP, phone/fax/email integration, disaster recovery and free customer support available directly from their downtown San Jose based office. Below is our interview with Rachel Anderson, Director of Marketing at VirtualPBX:


Q: Rachel, tell us something more about VirtualPBX and your history?

A: Our founders created the first hosted PBX service, which has set the tone for all of our product innovation ever since. Being born from an idea that was years ahead of its time, we’re at our most natural state when we’re looking to not just solve the problems businesses face today, but to address the challenges they’ll face tomorrow. Beyond just our constantly growing technology platform, though, our most distinguishing characteristic is our dedication to unparalleled service. We are founded on the ideal that our customers always come first, and that’s a principle that is instilled in our team each day right from the first interviews. Also, being located in the heart of technological civilization in Silicon Valley, our synergies and collaborative opportunities are nearly limitless. This provides us an environment to quickly design, test, and iterate products and services much faster than most other companies.

Q: What are main benefits of choosing VirtualPBX?

A: In addition to aligning yourself with the most fundamentally-sound technology platform, you get a few benefits that are increasingly hard to find in the industry. Specifically, ours is one of the last Customer Support teams that is both available at no extra charge and hasn’t been outsourced to overseas call centers. Having our Support Team right here in San Jose ensures that your needs are being addressed by experts who understand the challenges and expectations of business right where the majority of our customers are. Also, by keeping all of our teams under the same roof, our cross-pollination and information sharing is robust. In the unlikely event that one of our Support Team can’t immediately answer a question, they can rest assured knowing that the Engineering Team is right across the hallway to help out.

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Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of VirtualPBX Concierge Service?

A: Our customers are experts at what they do, and quite frankly, that thing is rarely something in the hosted telecom space. Ours is a unique and highly-specialized understanding of cloud-based technologies and unified communications. Our customers can certainly source a full-time employee who has the sophisticated skillset to navigate optimization and prioritization of their telecommunications, but doing so is prohibitively expensive. VirtualPBX Concierge Service is an opportunity for companies to install an expert with enterprise-level communications knowledge on their team but with the ability to leverage their expertise a la carte. By using a Concierge Agent for your company, you will have an expert who also has the functional knowledge to strategize communications systems to the exact specifications of a company along with the technical expertise to execute those strategies in a system they navigate daily. It’s effectively a CIO, CTO, and full IT support team on call for your business at a fraction of the cost.

Q: Who is your ideal customer and why?

A: Well obviously the customer we’re speaking to is always the most important one at the time. That said, there are some customer profiles that tend to benefit from our service beyond the high level of service most other customers experience. First are the small to medium sized lightning-fast companies that want to boost their professional appearance while keeping costs down. Second are companies of various sizes that have distributed, mobile, or flexible employees who want to be able to give their team the same powerful communications system in their pockets and on their laptops as they would have if they were all under one roof at headquarters. And the third specific type of organization that gets an unparalleled advantage from VirtualPBX service is the enterprise-level call center. Our proprietary technology like TrueACD Queues, SelectRoute, and the full arsenal of intelligent routing and forwarding options make modern call centers more nimble, cost-effective, and ultimately efficient than ever has been possible before.

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Q: How do you ensure your customer gets the most out of their technology?

A: Each customer goes through our onboarding process and we offer training videos and a weekly webinar to help them get to know their system. Also, we provide a battery of services from enhanced Speed Testing to a complete Network Health Check that is a week-long, around-the-clock monitoring and analysis of a customer’s network that concludes with network optimization correction plans. Should the customer need more bandwidth, we can also find the best prices in their area and help with the acquisition. No matter where a company is in the process of building or maintaining their unified communications strategies, we’re here to help them succeed.

Q: What can we expect from VirtualPBX in next six months?

A: This is a great question! As our numerous Innovation Awards can contest, we’re always hard at work on driving advances to our technology. That said, we have been tinkering away for a while now on something special that will change the game much like we did when we wrote the first VoIP software. Without getting any further into detail, I can just say you should definitely stay tuned!

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Q: What’s the best thing about VirtualPBX that people might not know about?

A: One of the things people might not immediately realize is that we have entire platforms designed specifically for businesses who aren’t on a virtual phone system. Being in the industry for as long as we have, we recognize that sometimes an on-site PBX system is difficult to break away from. That’s why we have created ways for teams who operate off of a physical PBX to still benefit from the advantages of the cloud. Most notably our product, PBX Parachute, creates an intelligent emergency failover system for physical PBX networks. Companies that use PBX Parachute have the complete confidence of business continuity should there be an emergency or they should lose access to their office. As soon as a company’s primary PBX system becomes inaccessible, due to inclement weather or technical issues, PBX Parachute immediately replaces that system, so no calls or revenue opportunities are missed. Bringing peace of mind and cloud-based flexibility to companies that use traditional, on-site phone systems is something we help accomplish for customers every day.

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