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Virun – Company Focused On Bringing Innovation Back To The Food, Beverage And Dietary Supplement Industry

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Virun produces innovative and weird food, beverage and dietary supplement technologies. They are more than an innovation powerhouse, Virun is a much needed “culture” in a society that is starving for fun, exciting-craziness. Virun brings it all. Below is our interview with Philip Bromley, CEO and Co-founder of Virun:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Virun?

A: Sure we make unique beverages, shots, multi-serving applications that contain fats, probiotics and efficacious proteins and peptides for new and emerging brands. But you cannot truly be an innovation leader without you yourself and your fellow co-workers being different. This is what innovation is all about! Enter Virun’s facility and you see people laughing, having fun. Employees and employers discussing projects together. Young and old combining new-thinking with experience. Our employees don’t have brown, blonde and black hair, no, we have blue, purple, red and pink hair. This is Virun…

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your technologies?

A: Our technologies focus on delivering fats, primarily; anything that does not dissolve in water very easily and of which is not very predominate in food, beverage and dietary supplement edibles. From CBD, MCT derived from Coconuts, CoQ10, DHA and EPA Omega 3 to the likes of butter, essential oils and Carotenoids (Astaxanthin, Beta Carotene, Lutein and Lycopene). We also stabilize Probiotics to be shelf stable in bars, chewables and liquids. Our fat technology stabilize the fats and water insoluble ingredients by utilizing our patented technologies, Esolv® and our Bicarbonate downstream process. Our probiotics utilize technologies founded by Virun over a decade ago. We bind the probiotic to the natural milk protein, Lactoferrin. Lactoferrin improves the stability of probiotics and actually helps target the probiotic in the gut, and, improve their growth in the gut. This allows your gut to maintain a perfect gut microbiome and environment.

Q: Who are the primary users of your technologies and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: Our primary users are new emerging brands. This is because young brands and companies are more likely to try to commercialize a food, beverage or dietary supplement product that is way off tangent from the big-guys. Products such as Omega DHA for joint health and eye health that is a small chew with chocolate graham cracker on the outside and soft marshmallow on the inside. 30 per box and delivers three times the amount compared to a soft gel. Omega 3 DHA soft gels! …there are much better options than a soft gel capsule for the consumer. Options that are modern experiences, not swallowing horse pills. The difficulty is, when you are an innovative company, there are issues with having too many options. We have to invest in being able to process large production of odd-things like the smores DHA Omega chew, or, DHA Omega pancake syrup with CBD for kids with ADHD. Being able to produce weird stuff that others don’t produce means we have to do everything in-house and that is expensive!

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Q: What are your plans for next four months?

A: We are building our third facility near our Pomona, CA. facility. This facility will be a state-of-the-art manufacturing and research and development amusement park. I can’t go into too many details of what that means but can say, we will be offering fast passes and people will be lining up to grab their ticket and begin brain storming their new product development in an atmosphere that will change lives. Other than this, it is our job in the next four months to get our clients products into stores and available on-line to offer consumers options and fun experiences that are healthy and ground breaking. This will also help proliferate others to want to develop crazy things that, in 20 years, will simply be the norm.

Q: What is the motto that guides Virun’s decisions?

A: I can’t pick just one, but I can derive several adjectives that I think best describe Virun and, perhaps is a motto in-of-itself. Weird people (wierdos and freaks), Doc Martins, fun, exciting, Rock-and-roll, mosh-pits, acceptance of all people, respect, kindness, and, of course, party like it’s 2999!

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