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Visuals That Give You The WOW Factor

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Below is our recent interview with Glenn Hemanes, the Founder & Creative Director at Glenn’s Designs:

Q: What makes Glenn’s Designs unique?

A: From a young age, I have always been interested in how design impacts the world. One of my first jobs was at Apple where I designed safety manuals, evacuation maps and product software packages. Now more than ever, people make decisions in seconds about you and your brand based on your VISUAL presentation. What I do that is unique is a complete analysis of your brand and messaging to determine how to make YOU stand out in a crowded field. Companies like Coca-Cola and Fox Studios hire me when they want a level of creativity that gives them the WOW factor. From taking boring PowerPoint slides and animating them for top-performing TEDx talks to helping startup founders create impressions that have helped collectively raise over $8M in funding, we offer design with impact.

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Q: What is your secret sauce to making your clients succeed?

A: The problem presenters have is how to get and keep people’s attention. Our brains are wired to pay attention to something new. We create custom one of a kind designs that get audiences emotionally engaged. When that happens, people sit up and are intrigued to see what you say or show next. We create a story with our design that makes a message come to life visually. We take people’s presentation from boring to inspiring. We take messages that are confusing and give them clarity. When this happens the visuals and the presenter put on a well-choregraphed show that has the audience standing up applauding and opening their purse strings to buy.

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Q: With everyone staying at home and running their businesses online, visual communication is more important than ever. What are some of the biggest mistakes people want to avoid when creating an online presentation?


  • Avoid creating a presentation at the last minute. It makes you look like an amateur, and audiences may take you less seriously. Good visuals makes you look professional and shows the audience that you took the time to put together a well thought out presentation, one that is geared to keep your audience interested and engaged.
  • Avoid content dense slides that could overwhelm your audience. Too much information divides your audience’s attention, causing them to have to decide whether to read the slides or listen to you; they cannot do both. Keep the visuals simple and easy for your audience to understand. Additionally, it’s important that you know your material well enough so you don’t use your slides as a “crutch” and read from them.
  • Avoid using images with watermarks. I can’t stress this enough. Watermarked images make you look… well, cheap. It poses the question, “If the presenter shortcut that, what else will they shortcut in their business?” There are a number of royalty-free stock image sites that offer images at little to no cost.
  • Avoid using visuals that contradict an existing brand. Be consistent with your existing brand’s look, feel and messaging. If your company or personal brand hasn’t been established yet, consider whether the images and message align with your values.
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