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Vocantas Inc. Offers Solution For Firms That Must Track Employee Exposure To COVID-19

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Below is our recent interview with Gary Hannah​, CEO at Vocantas:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Vocantas?

A: Vocantas Inc. is a privately held high tech company based in beautiful Ottawa, Ontario Canada, with more than 15 years of experience developing automated communications that solve real challenges for patients, workers and employers. Our team of experts collaborate with customers and build communication solutions using interactive voice recognition (IVR/phone), text (SMS), mobile applications, online portals and email that solve real-world problems. Specifically, our solutions are designed to help organizations with complex scheduling environments and processes, such as those in the healthcare, manufacturing, and customer service environments as well as to improve outreach, and create huge efficiencies for our higher education and utilities partners.

Q: How can you help businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: We, like many organizations around the world, have pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our world class team have developed an easy to use and affordable COVID-19 symptom tracker solution to help businesses meet new government labor guidelines. The state, provincial, federal and municipal governments of Canada and the United States have set a variety of new mandates and guidelines for employers to follow as a result of COVID-19. Many of these guidelines put the responsibility on the employer to keep workers and work locations safe and free of hazards. This has even been extended to include keeping workers safe from exposure to COVID-19 by many governments. Employers can adhere to this requirement, reduce their liability, and most importantly protect their workforce by using the Vocantas employee symptom tracker. The easy to use automated solution allows employees to use just their phone to call or text to report their symptoms and when an employee reports symptoms or exposure to COVID-19 management gets a real-time automatic alert. Large and small workforces can save thousands in efficiencies using this tool.

We designed EST to significantly reduce the administrative and reporting burden for businesses by offering a secure web-based solution allowing information to be easily collected from employees in real-time. Results are available instantly on a secure website with a unique login, and real-time alerts are sent to managers if employees report that they have any symptoms related to COVID-19.

Q: What other multi-modal communication solutions do you offer?

A: We offer a full suite of multi-modal communication solutions that solve complex scheduling problems and facilitate communication for diverse groups whether it is tracking COVID-19 symptoms, broadcasting mass emergency notifications, filling open shifts, allowing employees to call in or text to register an absence or lateness, providing efficient utilities customer service, or engaging students and improving patient care with customizable surveys.

All of our products have been developed and tested with the insight and input of end-users in the broad range of industries that we serve. Our communication solutions can integrate with businesses’ existing systems or can be used as standalone solutions. The Vocantas team continues to innovate with next-gen automation to meet even the wildest needs that our partners present us with.

Q: How do your customers benefit from your solutions?

A: Our customers tell us that they save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by using our automated communications solutions. In fact, some customers report saving more than a million dollars each year when moving their manual communications to interactive real-time Vocantas communications.

When we began our journey in 2003 our mission was to advance patient care by developing secure and reliable automated communication solutions such as automated patient appointment reminders and patient follow up after a hospital stay. Fast forward to 2020 and wow the advancements in technology and therefore our ability to build solutions that sing and dance for our customers have evolved to reflect our passion for improving work-life balance, speeding up processes and helping our customers save tons of time and money so they can treat their patients, build new cars and trucks, or serve customers, faster and better.

We help our customers WIN in whatever industry they do business in. Our solutions benefit our customers by improving and providing greater flexibility in communication, creating clear concise communication and by eliminating manual processes associated with scheduling communication. As a result, organizations see productivity dramatically improve, while operational costs drop.

Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: Our solutions are highly configurable to meet the needs of any scheduling environment but have been designed to provide the highest return on investment for medium to large organizations that have multiple worksites and complex union rules and procedures.

We currently serve over 1200 locations across Canada and the United States in the following sectors: healthcare, long-term care, manufacturing, retail and hospitality, service and delivery, as well as public service.

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Q: What can we expect from Vocantas in the next six months?

A: As an innovation leader in the multi-modal communications space, Vocantas draws on its long history of developing and delivering solutions for businesses with needs in complex scheduling environments, more efficient outreach capabilities, employee self-service, notification and survey capabilities.

We have demonstrated our ability to pivot quickly to changing market requirements and business needs to deliver new and creative solutions to help our clients win at doing what they do best. Looking forward, Vocantas will continue to work closely with our large customer base to meet their evolving business needs as they continue to adapt to the new normal. Our long history and real-world experience allows us to leverage our product architecture and real-time communications capabilities to continue to innovate and deliver solutions to meet the changing marketplace needs of the future. No one knows the future but Vocantas will be there to help.

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