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Vokkero Delivers A State Of Art Communication System That Enables Soccer Referees To Communicate In Real Time

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Vokkero USA, a subsidiary of French technology company, Adeunis was introduced in the US in 2011. Vokkero had been the pioneer in the area of wireless communication devices for sports officials in equipping FIFA, UEFA, French Football Association, EPL, so that the on-field officials could communicate instantly with each other during dynamic game situations. While the concept was taking hold in Europe, it was something quite new to sports officiating in the US. Through extensive on-field testing opportunities and educating sports management leaders, Vokkero has been able to achieve an extremely high level of adoption in major sports in the US.

Below is our recent interview with Bob D’Ostilio, National Sales Manager at Vokkero USA:

Q: You’ve recently announced the launch of GUARDIAN C2C, a full-duplex communication system; could you tell us something more?

A: With the success of the Vokkero in the Official-to- Official systems, Vokkero engineers and design built of the DNA of the Squadra system to create the Vokkero Guardian C2C Coaching Communication System. The system, features a simple and intuitive set up, so that coaches can coach and not take time to set up their system for each game. Guardian C2C, has a range of 1200 meters, HD audio sound quality, up 16 full duplex users all with out a base station to have set up. Vokkero’s patented noise filters, help keep the sound crystal clear, as it removes crowd noise, officiating whistles, band music, etc.

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Q: Tell us more about the technology behind Vokkero?

A: Vokkero Guardian C2C uses a TDMA to send and receive data so that the audio is clear to all users to create wireless mesh network.

The frequency range is FCC license free 902-928 Mhz FHSS. Guardian C2C features a 128 AES digital encryption so that coaches can have secure communication among their staff.

Q: How did you get to where you are today?

A: Building on the success of the Vokkero Official to Official product in Europe, Vokkero launched US operations in 2011. Through extensive testing and education, Vokkero became the top choice of Soccer officiating in the US, with adoptions by CONCACAF, Major League Soccer, and 11 collegiate conferences. Vokkero began making significant inroads in Football, in 2012, with a season long trial by the SEC. The following season the SEC adopted Vokkero, and today the 9 top FBS conferences utilize Vokkero. The NFL has been utilizing Vokkero since 2014, which represented the largest scale adoption of the system in North America.

Other significant adoptions have been by US Polo, USA Field Hockey, US Soccer, and by Oracle Racing( and 3 other America’s Cup teams).

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Vokkero plans to continue to develop markets that are looking for a state of art communication system that is easy to utilize and provides excellent sound quality. Some of those markets will be general Industry, entertainment and production, security, and marine. Vokkero’s team of engineers is always looking for ways to enhance the product and create new lines to meet the demands of its customers.

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