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Walcraft Cabinetry Provides Quality Cabinetry And Services That Are Not Traditionally Available, Such As CGI Designing And Virtual Reality

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Below is our recent interview with Sean Walsh, the Founder of Walcraft Cabinetry:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Walcraft Cabinetry?

A: Walcraft Cabinetry was born out of my need for affordable cabinetry for my home developing business. I searched the internet for affordable cabinets that met my high standards for quality. I did not find what I wanted, so I began contacting manufacturers direct. One thing led to another, and Walcraft was born.

We now specialize in providing quality cabinetry and services that are not traditionally available, such as CGI designing and Virtual Reality.

Many have bought cabinetry online before, but it has always been associated as the cheapest option not the best. Yes, our cabinets do save people their hard earned money, but the services we provide and the cabinets we provide are first rate.

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Q: You are using Virtual Reality to let homeowners experience their new kitchen before renovations; how does it work?

A: It works great! And here is why. It takes the looming what if’s out of the picture. What if we do all this work, and do not like the end result? Our response to that is we show our customers the end result before they do all the work. That is what we do. And we do not use some cheesy low resolution software to do it. We use 8k resolution files that have been rendered using a state of the art program, 3ds Studio Max.

By using this technology we can show every detail in nearly a perfect replication. The cabinets, the tile, the flooring, the lighting, and even the cabinet door handles. This is top-notch stuff! No guessing, no regrets. Our customers get to see it first. They get to experience their virtually completed kitchen, and then once they love it, the work begins.

To get started, our customers take measurements of their kitchen using our provided videos and resources to aid them. Once we have them, the fun begins! Our design team starts working on their kitchen layout. Once we have created a floorplan, wall elevations, and 3D renderings, we can then create the CGI images and the VR experience begins.

Q: Walcraft’s virtual kitchen experiences provides the highest caliber Hollywood-level CGI rendered in 8k resolution; can you tell us something more?

A: We hear it all the time from our competitors: “we provide photo-realistic images.” In reality, they just aren’t. Our team painstakingly creates our images using 3ds Studio Max at a believable level. Most would never even know they are not real pictures. Heck, I have been in the business for a few decades, and I could not even tell they were virtual images!

There is something about this quality that truly expresses what the final product will be. The first thing that is noticed is what the kitchen will look like done, and not the low resolution.

The files used in the VR goggles usually are rendered in around 9hrs! That is what I mean by a painstaking process. This is not just thrown together on the fly. Time and care go into getting it just right!

Q: What are your plans and goals for the future?

A: Our goals and strategies are a little top secret. Essentially, we want to change the way things have always been done. Better service, faster shipping, growing our virtual design experience, and ultimately solving peoples problems before they even know they were about to have one.

We are looking to the future of not just purchasing cabinetry, but the entire kitchen remodel experience. Remodeling a kitchen can be super stressful! We want to develop a system and brand that changes that by providing answers, solutions, and assistance above and beyond what has been available.

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Q: What’s the best thing about Walcraft Cabinetry that people might not know about?

A: Our whole company exists for the purpose of creating jobs for people coming out of crime and addiction. My business partner and I both had a desire to do something with our time and resources that truly mattered.

There is a great lack of job opportunities for those with checkered pasts. This makes transitioning into becoming a productive member of society really challenging. When the odds are stacked tall against you, it is very hard to measure up. We create an environment for personal growth, acceptance, and provide something special. By doing so, people who have had nothing to lose, now do. And that is where change happens!

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